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🔋 A batteries-included toolkit for making Sketch plugins
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Sketch Plugin Helper npm Version

A batteries-included toolkit for making Sketch plugins

Sketch Plugin Helper


See Motivation.

Quick start

Requires Node.js.

To begin:

$ npm install --global sketch-plugin-helper
$ sketch create sketch-hello-world

Enter the information prompted for. Then:

$ cd sketch-hello-world
$ npm install

Next, create a src/hello-world.js file containing the following:

import { showMessage } from 'sketch-plugin-helper'

export default function () {
  showMessage('Hello, World!')

Our plugin handler must be the default export of the file. (See Plugin Utilities for a list of helpful functions that you can use in your plugin.)

Then, in our package.json, set src/hello-world.js as the handler for our plugin menu command:

  "sketch-plugin-helper": {
-   "menu": []
+   "menu": [
+     {
+       "handler": "hello-world",
+       "name": "Hello, World!"
+     }
+   ]

Note that the initial src/ and trailing .js extension is omitted.

Then, build our plugin, and install the plugin as a symbolic link:

$ npm run build && npm run symlink

Finally, open a new document in Sketch. Then, run our hello-world command:

$ npm run handler -- hello-world

You should see a Hello, World! message appear near the bottom of the Sketch interface.

To rebuild our plugin whenever we make a change, do:

$ npm run watch


Reference plugin implementations

Plugin name Description
Add Artboard Borders and Titles Automatically add borders and titles to artboards
Align to Grid Align artboards and layers to a grid
Clean Document Automagically organise and clean up your Sketch document
Draw Slice Over Selection Draw a slice over the selection
Export Prototype Export a clickable prototype from your Sketch file
Extract Text Extract text from layers that match a regular expression
Find and Replace Text Find and replace text in text layers and symbol instances
Move Layers Precisely move and arrange layers
Select Layers Create or filter a selection of layers based on name, type or similarity
Sort Layer List Sort the layer list by name or layer position


$ npm install --global sketch-plugin-helper



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