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GUI interface to SpaceWire and RMAP
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SpaceWire RMAP GUI is a graphical interface to SpaceWire and RMAP. Users can easily send/receive SpaceWire packets, and perform RMAP read/write accesses from Mac via the SpaceWire-to-GigabitEther device. The software also carries RMAP Packet Utility which interprets and generates RMAP packets.

The software is released as an open-souce project, and may contain bugs. Constructive feedbacks are appreciated.


The software runs on Mac. If you still use PC or Linux, find another software or get a new Mac. No other software is required to use SpaceWire-to-GigabitEther (no driver!).

Download and install

Download latest version from app/ directory

Extract the zip archive, and then copy the SpaceWire RMAP GUI folder to the Application folder.


User guide is available for SpaceWire RMAP GUI. Comments and questions on the document are welcome.

Download PDF: SpaceWireRMAPGUIUserGuide_20120111.pdf

RMAP Packet Utility and CRC Utility

SpaceWire RMAP GUI provides a graphical interface to generate and interpret RMAP packets. CRC check can also be done in RMAP CRC Utility tab.


Router Configuration

From version 20121203_1500, SpaceWire RMAP GUI offers a router-configuration capability which supports SpaceWire-to-GigabitEther internal SpaceWire Router. Users can manipulate link status of SpaceWire ports of SpaceWire-to-GigabitEther and the routing table.

Example Configuration Files

Information of RMAP Target nodes can be loaded as a configuration file. Here are some examples for widely used devices.

Source code

The source code of the software is available from the SpaceWire RMAP GUI github repository. Contributions are welcome.


Screenshot_RMAPTab Screenshot_SpaceWireTab Screenshot_RMAPPacketUtilityTab SpaceWireRMAPGUI_RegisterDropDownList RouterConfigurationTab RMAP CRC Utility RMAP Packet Utility

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