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yubrew's dotfiles


Dotfiles are meant to be forked / shareable / scalable. These dotfiles are forked from Todd Werth.

This repo represents a subset of all my command-line folders.


You need:

installing vim

  • rvm use system (installing vim has a conflict with ruby 1.9.*, so use system ruby 1.8.7)
  • brew install mercurial
  • brew install vim

use command-line files

Run this:

git clone git:// ~/cl
git clone git:// ~/cl/etc/vim/bundle/vundle
cd ~/cl
source ./etc/link
vim .
:BundleInstall! # installs all vundles

This will symlink the appropriate files in .dotfiles to your home directory. Everything is configured and tweaked within ~/cl.

First, you'll want to look in ~/cl/etc for bash_profile bashrc bashrc_help. That sets up aliasing and path displays.

what's inside

I store all my command-line files in a folder (cl), then under that folder there are 3 sub-folders (cl/bin cl/etc cl/doc), to keep them organized away from all my other files. I link (etc/link) the dot files to the root of my home folder, so I prefer to store them without the . (gitignore rather than .gitignore), then I add the dot in the link. So if you use one, make sure you put the dot back.

  • ~
    • cl
      • bin
      • docs
      • etc
        • vim
          • bundle
          • colors


I mod these all the time, and sometimes I break stuff. Also, my main platform is OS X in the console, doing Ruby / Rails dev.

more info

Blog post

vim shortcuts

It's also in vimrc.

  • V visual mode
  • ,n nerdtree
  • ,f fuzzy file search
  • ,c toggle commenting
  • / search within file
  • u undo
  • $ end of line
  • ^ start line
  • Ctrl + } navigate paragraph down
  • Ctrl + { navigate paragraph up
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