Script To Install Tor Browser
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linux-tor-browser-installer 0.3

Python Script To Install Tor Browser


  • python3
  • python3-gnupg
  • python3-beautifulsoup4
  • python3-requests
  • tor
  • python3-dbus

Install Requires (Fedora)

  • sudo dnf install git tor python3-dbus python3-requests python3-beautifulsoup4 python3-gnupg

Copr Repository (For Fedora)

  • sudo dnf copr enable youssefmsourani/linux-tor-browser-installer -y
  • sudo dnf install linux-tor-browser-installer -y
  • linux-tor-browser-installer

To Use

  • cd && git clone

  • chmod 755 ~/linux-tor-browser-installer/

  • ~/linux-tor-browser-installer/


  • --without-check-sig || -s ==> Install without Check File Signature
  • --without-tor || -t ==> Download Tor Browser without Tor Network