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Underscore.js for hipsters.


In Underscore.js only common patterns make it into the library. This is mainly to ensure the quality and stability of the implementation.

This conflicts with the exuberance of users, who often propose some different implementation, considering the actual ones not enough good, performant, feature rich.

But the administrators of Underscore.js cannot put in the trunk something that's not enough well-established and known. In one word: Mainstream.

Using Overscore.js you will be able to say:

  • I was using this pattern way before it made into Underscore!
  • I used this feature before everyone ever know it exists.
  • I use only implementations that no one else uses.

..forget the last one.


Actually the idea came out in a simple discussion on an Underscore.js pull request for the implementation of a map versione of _.map. Jeremy Ashkenas (@jashkenas) said the use was too less mainstream for Underscore, so the pun about hipsters was quite obvious. Michael Mahemoff (@mahemoff) made a pun over the pun, proposing Overscore. @jashkenas officialized the project with a +1! (This not really official, but we can pretend it is, ok?)

You can read the discussion here


I have some ideas, like:

Every feature has its folder, with tests and performance tests. Every new implementation is named after the feature, with an incremental number to differentiate them. A little builder builds a single script ready to be used. Every implementation should have some documentation, describing the authors, and the why/how.

I'm thinking about using sub-repos, but I'm not a git-wizard, so I'm waiting some feedback.