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Design Documents
Lecture01 - Introduction to Computer Games Design.pdf
Lecture02 - Game Concepts and Tools of the Trade.pdf
Lecture03 - Game Setting and Characters.pdf
Lecture04 - Storytelling and Narative.pdf
Lecture05 - Gameplay.pdf
Lecture06 - Cognitive Flow.pdf
Lecture07 - Design Documents and Pitches.pdf
Lecture08 - Fun and Balance in Games Design.pdf

Computer Games Design focused on how a game company and development project would work. The lecturer started off by playing the video So You Want To Be a Game Designer and to me - the video clarified what it meant a Game Developer was and inspired and reaffirmed my thoughts of becoming a developer.

The assessment was a two-fold project:

  1. Come up with an idea, write a design document, business report and pitch.
  2. Record a blog with Wordpress on how the idea started and developed.

Sample design documents were given out as examples and guidelines.

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