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Assessment01 Poster Assets
Assessment01 Video Assets
Assessment01 Animation Jam.png
Assessment01 Information.pdf
Assessment02 Information.pdf
Gameplay Rooms.mp4
Report - Assessment01 Development Process.pdf
Year02 Assessment Digital Asset Development Animation Jam.mp4

Made in 2015, 2nd Year, Rooms is a Level Design Environment to show off models and textures produced.

Responsible for – Level design, creating models and textures in Blender.

Play on Itch


From my OneDrive -

  • BlenderRoom02 Folder contains Blender files for the models in Room02
  • BlenderRoom03 Folder contains Blender files for the models in Room03
  • AnimationJam is a Photoshop file
  • is the Unreal Project
    • _Rooms-EXE-Windows Folder contains the executable file, or play on Itch

Assessment01 - Audacity, Adobe Photoshop CS6, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

The assessment was about an upcoming Animation Jam and split into two parts:

  1. Making a Poster - Assessment01 Animation Jam.png
  2. Making a Video

Assessment02 - Unreal Game Engine

This was making a three-part room with Unreal and put into:

  1. Room 1 (start): should be the starting point of the level, and should be empty of all objects other than a light source of some description (for example, a point light, spot light or emissive glow from a wall surface).

  2. Room 2 (textured object): must contain an imported 3D static mesh asset, which can be a geometric primitive (such as a cube) or something more complex. It must incorporate at least three different materials you have designed yourself, each of which must include a texture created in Photoshop and imported into Unreal.

  3. Room 3 (“freestyle”): must include a different asset from that in Room 2. This asset must have some more complex aspect to it: it could be an animated skeletal mesh, a static mesh using some complex material setup (for example, an animated glow effect), or a Blueprint such as a triggerable light. You are encouraged to research different possibilities and come up with something that goes beyond the tutorial exercises.

Your project must incorporate an imported audio asset in some way. Examples of this might include a sound that plays when the level starts up, a sound used as part of the Room 3 asset, or as a continually looping sound (preferably not too annoying!).

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