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2015.01.26 to 2015.01.28 - GameJam Glasgow Caledonian
2015.02.20 to 2015.02.22 - Scottish Institute for Enterprise & UWS Games Development Society Game Jam
2015.05.01 to 2015.05.01 - Xbox Master Class Boyd Multerer
2015.05.05 to 2015.05.07 - GameJam UWS Animation
2015.09.23 to 2015.11.26 - SAUWS Volunteer Free Shop
2016.02.01 to 2016.05.01 - UWS Student Fellowship
2018.03.09 to 2018.05.03 - UWS Employer Mentoring Programme
2018.07.03 to 2018.07.04 - DIY Game Engine Course
2019.03.28 to 2019.03.28 - UWS Big Awards
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The above folders are for specific events while the documents and below are more general note-taking.

UWS First Year

  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    A talk I attended that got me thinking about my Chemistry game. It was about "Serious Games" and different ways gameification can enhance lives. Several examples were given like:
    Keeping below the speed limit - a speed camera was placed on a highway and if drivers kept below the speed limit, they were automatically entered into the national lottery.
    Games solve 10 Year Old HIV Puzzle in 10 days
    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons taught the loss of someone close to you through how the controller was held.

  • LinkedIn

    Don't try to sell yourself, more about building rapport
    Last things to put on profile: CV and role and responsibilities
    Professional profile picture attractive to target audience
    Background to represent who you are
    Contact info
    LinkedIn Headline can be searched on Google

    No-one hires students Don't put qualifications

    Google optimisation, keywords
    Can join up to 50 groups

    Segment contacts
    Use "tag" system When connecting, write a personal message
    Can follow companies
    Can be anonymous
    Can "star" people so you save people not connect them
    Use like, comment, share to build rapport
    Or status update
    Send email before connect with them
    Check up email, then use free email verifier

  • Game Dev CV

    People can spend 11 seconds on a CV since there's a lot of them. So make it stand out
    Dress according to culture of company. Show personality
    It's an ad for yourself
    Short, snappy, simple, catch the eye
    Bullet points sometimes

    Most recent stuff is most detailed
    Older stuff, gets less and less detailed
    Hobbies are nice but simple and not really needed

    Check spelling mistakes!!
    Make it easier for person to read
    Tailor CV
    When companies are looking for people, they've got a problem so ask the problem
    Put references on request
    Research company
    In interview. You're also interviewing the company that if you want to work with

UWS Second Year

  • User Experience Design - the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product
  • MIT App Inventor - an open-source web application originally provided by Google
  • Glass Door - a website where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management.
  • Natural Motion - a British software company with offices in Oxford, London, Brighton and San Francisco
  • Aardvark Swift - recruitment company for game developers
  • Grads in Games - finding jobs in the game development industry
  • Riot API - access to League game data
  • Jagex - video game company, best known for RuneScape
  • quill18creates (Unity Youtube tutorials)
  • ratemyplacement website
  • adoptanintern website
  • s1jobs website
  • cwjobs website
  • jobserve website
  • practiceaptitute tests website
  • Trainee Finder website

UWS Third Year

Computing and Creative Technologies Employer Event Companies

  • Game Dev Map website
  • STV
  • Harvey Nash
  • Veracity UK Ltd (Security), student placements
  • Morgan Stanley, TAP Graduate program
  • Arnold Clark
  • Iomart (Cloud Server)
  • Traveltek

UWS Fourth Year

  • 06/09/18 - Passport to Success by Dr Les Hutchison
  • 02/10/18 - SEC Glasgow Scottish Graduate Fair 2018
  • 04/10/18 - Morgan Stanley Presents: Technical Interviews Demystified
  • 11/10/18 - Morgan Stanley Technology Projects and Graduate Careers Fair
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