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GameJam Splat (No Audio).mp4

Made in 2015, 1st Year, Splat is a game where you are falling from a plane and you try to control yourself to grab the parachute. The indicator points to where parachute is and your goal is to not be hit by the falling objects - as they can rip off your limbs - and grab the parachute to land safely.

Play on Itch

2015 Global Game Jam Glasgow Caledonian

The keynote video and theme " What do we do now?" were presented and after brainstorming, our group came up with the idea of controlling a falling person from a plane and try surviving.

  • Source Files Folder contains the files our group made and uploaded onto the Global Game Jam site
  • UnitySplat Folder is the Unity Project
  • _Splat-EXE-Windows Folder contains the executable file, or play on Itch
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