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UWS Rewards
Learning Styles Descriptions.pdf
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UWS Student Fellowship

Made in 2016, 2nd Year, UWS Rewards is a prototype mobile-app to increase student engagement and satisfaction within the university. The "index.html" file in the UWS Rewards folder can be opened with an editor like Brackets, Webstorm, or Komodo Edit.

It can be tested here, best seen in mobile view.

I became more involved with university by becoming a Student Fellowship member, in addition to becoming a Student Guide and volunteering at the SAUWS Free Shop.

Taken from the expired website description:

The Student Fellowship Scheme (SFS) was initiated by the DPEW as an attempt to enhance the student learning experiance at UWS. Students are recruited on a school basis with an intention to look at the National Student Survey and other student feedback data to highlight areas where the school can improve i.e. assessment and feedback. This scheme was put in place after the DPEW had a conversation with The University of Winchester, they have a Student Fellows scheme in place which helped advise and set out an idea for the DPEW to take forward something similar at UWS.

At UWS we have a structure in place that consists of there being three Student Fellows per school:
Student Fellow Trainer will act as the Institutional Associate Trainer and will train student reps as well as develop the training they receive. Alongside the Student Rep Co-ordinator, they will also offer skills development opportunities and Campaigns training.

Student Fellow Research will collate all student feedback for the School and ensure that areas for improvement are passed to the correct person or committee. They will also ensure that positive areas of work are shared across programmes and Schools.

The Student Fellow Campaigns will assist student reps to work with the data received by the Research Fellow and turn this into campaigns for positive change within the Programme and/or school using skills and knowledge gained by the Training Fellow.

After meeting with the other members, our goal was to come up with ideas that could improve the university.
I had several experiences that influnced my final idea:

  • The university's website UI UX could be more streamlined
  • As a Student Guide, surveys had to be completed
  • Learning from my modules "Programming for Native App Interaction" and "Programming for Mobile Devices"

My final idea was a prototype web application so students can be more involved with university life - enrollment, seeing their own personal timetable because they've logged in with their Banner ID, seeing notifications specific to their course, university events and being able to complete surveys from their phones and earn rewards.

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