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import hashlib
import os
import pickle, tarfile
import random
import re
import numpy as np
PAD_ID = 0
UNK_ID = 1
wordembed_size = 200
human_eval_set = [
def hashhex(s):
"""Returns a heximal formated SHA1 hash of the input string."""
h = hashlib.sha1()
return h.hexdigest()
def get_url_hashes(url_list):
return [hashhex(url) for url in url_list]
def read_text_file(text_file):
lines = []
with open(text_file, "r") as f:
for line in f:
return lines
dm_single_close_quote = u'\u2019' # unicode
dm_double_close_quote = u'\u201d'
END_TOKENS = ['.', '!', '?', '...', "'", "`", '"', dm_single_close_quote, dm_double_close_quote,
")"] # acceptable ways to end a sentence
def fix_missing_period(line):
"""Adds a period to a line that is missing a period"""
if "@highlight" in line: return line
if line == "": return line
if line[-1] in END_TOKENS: return line
# print line[-1]
return line + " ."
class Document():
def __init__(self, content, summary):
self.content = content
self.summary = summary
class Dataset():
def __init__(self, data_list):
self._data = data_list
def __len__(self):
return len(self._data)
def __call__(self, batch_size, shuffle=True):
max_len = len(self)
if shuffle:
batchs = [self._data[index:index + batch_size] for index in range(0, max_len, batch_size)]
return batchs
def __getitem__(self, index):
return self._data[index]
class Vocab():
def __init__(self):
self.word_list = ['<pad>', '<unk>', '<s>', '<\s>']
self.w2i = {}
self.i2w = {}
self.count = 0
self.embedding = None
def __getitem__(self, key):
if self.w2i.has_key(key):
return self.w2i[key]
return self.w2i['<unk>']
def add_vocab(self, vocab_file="../data/finished_files/vocab"):
with open(vocab_file, "rb") as f:
for line in f:
self.word_list.append(line.split()[0]) # only want the word, not the count
print("read %d words from vocab file" % len(self.word_list))
for w in self.word_list:
self.w2i[w] = self.count
self.i2w[self.count] = w
self.count += 1
def add_embedding(self, gloveFile="../data/finished_files/glove.6B/glove.6B.100d.txt", embed_size=100):
print("Loading Glove embeddings")
with open(gloveFile, 'r') as f:
model = {}
w_set = set(self.word_list)
embedding_matrix = np.zeros(shape=(len(self.word_list), embed_size))
for line in f:
splitLine = line.split()
word = splitLine[0]
if word in w_set: # only extract embeddings in the word_list
embedding = np.array([float(val) for val in splitLine[1:]])
model[word] = embedding
embedding_matrix[self.w2i[word]] = embedding
if len(model) % 1000 == 0:
print("processed %d data" % len(model))
self.embedding = embedding_matrix
print("%d words out of %d has embeddings in the glove file" % (len(model), len(self.word_list)))
class BatchDataLoader():
def __init__(self, dataset, batch_size=1, shuffle=True):
assert isinstance(dataset, Dataset)
assert len(dataset) >= batch_size
self.shuffle = shuffle
self.dataset = dataset
self.batch_size = batch_size
def __iter__(self):
return iter(self.dataset(self.batch_size, self.shuffle))
class PickleReader():
this class intends to read pickle files converted by RawReader
def __init__(self, pickle_data_dir="../data/CNN_DM_pickle_data/"):
:param pickle_data_dir: the base_dir where the pickle data are stored in
this dir should contain train.p, val.p, test.p, and vocab.p
this dir should also contain the chunked_data folder
self.base_dir = pickle_data_dir
def data_reader(self, dataset_path):
:param dataset_path: path for data.p
:return: data: Dataset objects (contain Document objects with doc.content and doc.summary)
with open(dataset_path, "rb") as f:
data = pickle.load(f)
return data
def full_data_reader(self, dataset_type="train"):
this method read the full dataset
:param dataset_type: "train", "val", or "test"
:return: data: Dataset objects (contain Document objects with doc.content and doc.summary)
return self.data_reader(self.base_dir + dataset_type + ".p")
def chunked_data_reader(self, dataset_type="train", data_quota=-1):
this method reads the chunked data in the chunked_data folder
:return: a iterator of chunks of datasets
data_counter = 0
# chunked_dir = self.base_dir + "chunked/"
chunked_dir = os.path.join(self.base_dir, 'chunked')
os_list = os.listdir(chunked_dir)
if data_quota == -1: #none-quota randomize data
for filename in os_list:
if filename.startswith(dataset_type):
# print("filename:", filename)
chunk_data = self.data_reader(os.path.join(chunked_dir, filename))
if data_quota != -1: # cut off applied
quota_left = data_quota - data_counter
# print("quota_left", quota_left)
if quota_left <= 0: # no more quota
elif quota_left > 0 and quota_left < len(chunk_data): # return partial data
yield Dataset(chunk_data[:quota_left])
data_counter += len(chunk_data)
yield chunk_data
yield chunk_data
def refresh_test_reader(self, eval_path):
tar_gold =,
gold_dict = {}
for member in tar_gold.getmembers():
f = tar_gold.extractfile(member)
if f and'gold-cnn-dailymail-test-orgcase') >= 0:
lines =
lines = lines.lower().strip().split('\n')
lines = [fix_missing_period(line) for line in lines]
# Make article into a single string
gold = ' '.join(lines)
# Make abstract into a signle string, putting <s> and </s> tags around the sentences
gold = ' '.join(["%s %s %s" % ('<s>', sent, '</s>') for sent in lines])
_, name = os.path.split(
name = name.split('.')[0]
gold_dict[name] = gold.split(' ')
tar_news =,
news_dict = {}
for member in tar_news.getmembers():
f = tar_news.extractfile(member)
if f and'test') >= 0:
lines =
lines = lines.lower().strip().split('\n')
lines = [fix_missing_period(line) for line in lines]
# Make article into a single string
news = ' '.join(lines)
_, name = os.path.split(
name = name.split('.')[0]
news_dict[name] = news.split(' ')
assert set(news_dict.keys()).issuperset(set(gold_dict.keys()))
testset = []
for k in gold_dict.keys():
# for k in human_eval_set:
testset.append(Document(news_dict[k], gold_dict[k]))
return [Dataset(testset)]
def main():
def get_art_abs(story_file):
lines = read_text_file(story_file)
# Lowercase everything
lines = [line.lower() for line in lines]
# Put periods on the ends of lines that are missing them (this is a problem in the dataset because many image captions don't end in periods; consequently they end up in the body of the article as run-on sentences)
lines = [fix_missing_period(line) for line in lines]
# Separate out article and abstract sentences
article_lines = []
highlights = []
next_is_highlight = False
for idx, line in enumerate(lines):
if line == "":
continue # empty line
elif line.startswith("@highlight"):
next_is_highlight = True
elif next_is_highlight:
# Make article into a single string
article = ' '.join(article_lines)
# Make abstract into a signle string, putting <s> and </s> tags around the sentences
abstract = ' '.join(["%s %s %s" % ('<s>', sent, '</s>') for sent in highlights])
return article.split(' '), abstract.split(' ')
def write_to_pickle(url_file, out_file, chunk_size=1000):
url_list = read_text_file(url_file)
url_hashes = get_url_hashes(url_list)
url = zip(url_list, url_hashes)
story_fnames = ["/home/hmwv1114/workdisk/workspace/cnn_dm_stories/cnn_stories_tokenized/" + s + ".story"
if u.find('') >= 0 else "/home/hmwv1114/workdisk/workspace/cnn_dm_stories/dm_stories_tokenized/" + s + ".story"
for u, s in url]
new_lines = []
for i, filename in enumerate(story_fnames):
if i % chunk_size == 0 and i > 0:
pickle.dump(Dataset(new_lines), open(out_file % (i / chunk_size), "wb"))
new_lines = []
art, abs = get_art_abs(filename)
print filename
new_lines.append(Document(art, abs))
if new_lines != []:
pickle.dump(Dataset(new_lines), open(out_file % (i / chunk_size + 1), "wb"))
train_urls = "../data/url_lists/all_train.txt"
val_urls = "../data/url_lists/all_val.txt"
test_urls = "../data/url_lists/all_test.txt"
write_to_pickle(test_urls, "../data/CNN_DM_pickle_data/chunked/test_%03d.bin.p", chunk_size=100000000)
write_to_pickle(val_urls, "../data/CNN_DM_pickle_data/chunked/val_%03d.bin.p", chunk_size=100000000)
write_to_pickle(train_urls, "../data/CNN_DM_pickle_data/chunked/train_%03d.bin.p")
if __name__ == "__main__":
# duc_reader = DucReader()
# duc_reader.load_articles()
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