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# install R libraries.
sudo Rscript -e 'library(devtools);install_github(c("rstudio/reticulate", "gaborcsardi/debugme", "r-lib/processx", "rstudio/tfruns", "rstudio/keras"))'
#Rscript -e "library(devtools);library(withr);with_libpaths(new='~/R/lib/', install_github(c('rstudio/reticulate', 'gaborcsardi/debugme', 'r-lib/processx', 'rstudio/tfruns', 'rstudio/keras')))"
# create keras config json file.
mkdir /etc/skel/.keras
echo '{"floatx":"float32","image_data_format":"channels_last","epsilon":1e-07,"backend":"cntk"}' > /etc/skel/.keras/keras.json
# export environment variables.
echo 'Sys.setenv(KERAS_BACKEND="cntk")' > /etc/skel/.Rprofile
echo 'Sys.setenv(KERAS_PYTHON="/anaconda/envs/py35/bin/python3.5")' >> /etc/skel/.Rprofile
echo '.libPaths(c(.libPaths(), "~/R/lib"))' >> /etc/skel/.Rprofile
# create a new user
useradd -m -d /home/newuser newuser
echo "newuser:Not$ecure123" | sudo chpasswd
# cp /etc/skel to home directory of all users.
USR=$(ls /home | grep user)
for u in ${USR}; do
cp -rf /etc/skel/.keras ${DBASE}/
cat /etc/skel/.Rprofile >> ${DBASE}/.Rprofile
chown -R $u.$u ${DBASE}/.keras
chown -R $u.$u ${DBASE}/.Rprofile
# turn on Rstudio server.
rstudio-server start