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A game engine for python based on PyQt4
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Pylash Engine

Latest Version: 1.5.0

Pylash is a game engine for python. We develop pylash in python3 and the GUI engine of pylash is PyQt4. With pylash engine, you could create games in a simple way.

License: MIT License

We use MIT License, which is a kind of free and friendly license. Also of note, you should follow the license of PyQt4 as well, because pylash is based on it.

Why Pylash

Pylash is intended for creating games in a simple way. Some leading benefits making pylash outstand are listed below:

  1. Cross-platform. No matter which computer OS you choose, if python3 and PyQt4 are both available on it, pylash is available as well.
  2. Powerful. Pylash provides plenty of useful classes which almost come from ActionScript 3, a script language for flash. As we all know, flash is a good tool for creating games and animations. Therefore, Pylash takes in some of its advantages aiming to make creating game in pylash as easy as flash.
  3. Easy-to-get. It's really easy to install and configure pylash because you don't need to follow many complex steps if you want to install it. Just install python3 and PyQt4 in advance and all preparations are done. Without any configurations but only to download source files and copy them into your project directory, it's already available to use pylash in your project. (P.S. You may have trouble installing and configuring PyQt4. However, don't be worried, for there are many tutorials on the Internet to tell you how to get it done.)

With every plus there must be a minus, pylash remains improved and enhanced. Pylash is not designed for creating commercial products because it is not run by a team or a company. But pylash will be a good helper for those who are freshmen in developing game and who dream of creating their own games.

Get Pylash

With Git:

Input this command in Git Bash to clone pylash:

git clone

Without Git:

The url to download the engine is here:

Before Using Pylash

For pylash is based on Python3 and PyQt4, you need to install them in advance.

Python3 will be found here:

PyQt4 will be found here:


If you find that certain bugs exist in pylash or that you have any questions or advice, please let us know:

My email:

My twitter:

Bugs can be submitted into Github Issues as well.

Demo Screenshots

  • Find Character

Demo 1

  • Get Fruits

Demo 2

  • Tower Defense

Demo 3

Get Started


Documentation comes soon...

Changelog for 1.5.0

  1. Added Sprite.hitTestObject method to test collision with other objects.
  2. Added Sprite.addShape method to add a shape to Sprite objects for testing collision.
  3. Added '', which is tool to run demo and examples. Try command python examples.example_name to run an example while try command python demo.demo_name to run a demo.
  4. Added more demo. Check them in 'demo/' directory.
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