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# -*-coding:utf-8 -*-
def loads_proto(message_str, proto_type):
Param: message_str, 序列化后的string
Param: proto_type, proto中定义的message
m = proto_type()
def deco(cls):
def wrap(*args, **kwargs):
instance = cls(*args, **kwargs)
def loads(instance, m):
all_fields = m.DESCRIPTOR.fields
fields = dict(m.ListFields())
for f in all_fields:
if f not in fields:
# 从所有的域开始历遍,遇到没填充的域,就赋值为non_value
non_value = [] if f.label == 3 else None
setattr(instance,, non_value)
if f.label != 3 or not f.message_type:
# label != 3 是非 repeated 的域
# message_type == None 是 proto 内置类型
# 对于此种属性,直接赋值即可
setattr(instance,, fields[f])
# repeated 的域,并且是自定义类型
# 需要递归的处理这些类型
class_name =
repeated_value = []
for v in fields[f]:
_new_class = type(class_name, (object,), {})
loads(_new_class, v)
setattr(instance,, repeated_value)
loads(instance, m)
return instance
return wrap
return deco
def dumps_proto(proto_type):
Param: proto_type, proto中定义的message
to_proto: 得到一个填充好的proto_type message,可以对此message进一步处理
dumps_proto: 序列化后的string,其实就是 to_proto().SerializeToString()
def deco(cls):
def wrap(*args, **kwargs):
instance = cls(*args, **kwargs)
def dumps(instance, m):
fields = [(, f.label, f.message_type) for f in m.DESCRIPTOR.fields]
for name, label, message_type in fields:
if label == 2: # required
if not hasattr(instance, name):
raise Exception("{0} is required".format(name))
setattr(m, name, getattr(instance, name))
elif label == 3: # repeated
value = getattr(instance, name, [])
field = getattr(m, name)
if not message_type:
# 内置类型,直接赋值
# 自定义类型,递归处理
for v in value:
dumps(v, field.add())
else: # optional
if hasattr(instance, name):
setattr(m, name, getattr(instance, name))
return m
setattr(instance, 'to_proto', lambda: dumps(instance, proto_type()))
setattr(instance, 'dumps_proto', lambda: dumps(instance, proto_type()).SerializeToString())
return instance
return wrap
return deco
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