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Airport Authority of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation
Monitoring mechanism for passenger throughput time at check-in counters and SHA by AAI at Airports
Excessive Passenger/vehicles congestion at City-side Curb area
Suspect recognition from CCTV footages
Inventory management of lost and found items at Airports
Passenger Facilitation
Making Airports Noise free
Baggage tracking for Passengers.
Protection and information flow of passenger baggage at Airport at domestic airports
Commercial Promotion
Passenger Facilitation regarding estimated wait times at security check ins and other queues at the airport
Multi-Lingual Virtual Assistants
Airport Map Guidance using VR
Emergency Help
Verification of passengers at airport entry gate . Concern is Unauthorized entry to airports using fake tickets
Asset Management – Maintenance
Automated trolley retrieval mechanism
Integration of aircraft stand occupancy data with airport operation control centers
Problem due to construction & related works
Incident Report Submission
Incident Report Analysis
Airport Safety data
Automated washrooms cleaning & monitoring system
Automation of Training Management System
ATS Roster Management
Performance evaluation of Air Traffic Controllers
Real time monitoring of CNS equipment spares
Automatic update of CommunicatNS equipment serviceability status
Verification of Bank Guarantee
App based Alerts to APDs and concerned HODs
Airlines on-time performance – measurement and analysis
Congestion during peak winter fog & monsoon season.
Software tools for GAGAN system performance monitoring, accuracy, availability needs to be developed indigenously which can perform following functions
GAGAN positioning and timing information / others
Software tool to determine (X,Y) and WGS 84 coordinates from axis and runway threshold and vice versa
Development of software for generation and validation of survey maps & charts to reduce time and improve efficiency
CRC algorithm
Provision of controlled data from Automatic Dependent Surveillance -B Systems
Tool for Simulation analysis for CNS facilities
App based Maintenance schedules For CNS facilities
Geo-fencing of airport boundary map covering prohibited and restricted area for preventing drone operations close to airport
Online processing for grant of initial No Objection Certificate for Scheduled /Non-Scheduled airlines.
Automatic status report from end-point Biometric Access Control systems (BAC)
Smart APP for Airport Feedback
All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
Prediction of Admission & Jobs in Engineering & Technology /Management/Pharmacy with respect to demographic locations
Standard Course Curriculum Design for all the Universities across India
One Point Student/Faculty Details Verification through Functional Application Software
One Point Student Verification through Mobile Application
Attractive website design with innovative ideas for AICTE
Attractive Mobile App for AICTE providing information on activities
Interlinking of School education, Higher education and Technical education at all levels throughout the country.
Interlinking of Campus placement in Technical institutes/Higher Educational Institutes and Universities throughout the country.
Knowledge platform for sharing the project works taken up by the students in Technical/Higher Educational Institutes and Universities throughout the country.
Single National Academic Calendar for Universities is wanted
Open Data of Universities is lacking.
Lack of information on Public research sources and availability, cost, etc.
Lack of information about Academic Activities in single platform
Career dendrogram
Lack of sustainability in appointment of Faculty in Higher Educational Institutions/Colleges
Department of Atomic Energy
DAE has been engaged in the development of nuclear power technology, applications of radiation technologies in the fields of agriculture, medicine, industry and basic research. They have identified 17 problem statements to be addressed in the Smart India Hackathon 2017.
16 Problem Statement
Personal radiation dosage calculator
Digital Public Outreach Platform For Nuclear Energy
Head Counter
Machine learning based control strategy development for plant status monitoring and detection of OFF-Normal conditions
Personnel Identification System
Software for Face Recognition out of CCTV footages:
Cyber Attacks Threat Map
Need of a software for Radiation dose monitoring
Blood bank App
Hospital Patient Information system on App  
To make a Cancer Staging and Management App
GPS mapping of resources for Crisis management
Programming Guideline checker for C programs  
Vulnerability analysis in 64-bit Linux binaries  
Department of Biotechnology
The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) is an Indian government department, under the Ministry of Science and Technology responsible for administrating development and commercialization in the field of modern biology and biotechnology in India. They have chosen 17 problem statements from their department for which they seek digital solutions in Smart India Hackathon 2017.
17 Problem Statement
Biotechnology expertise available in different universities/institutions in the country.
Number of Ph.Ds produced in life sciences and biotechnology per year by different universities/institutions in the country.
Opportunities for fellowships at doctoral and post-doctoral level in Country and in overseas institutions
Explore videos/expert lectures, interviews of nobel laureates, Bhatnagar awardees, Padma awardees, ted talks etc.
Online attendance of post graduate students admitted in DBT supported PG programs, DBT-JRF, DBT-BITP, DBT-RA.
Online feedback of post graduate students in biotechnology.
Android based app for tracking purchase, use and disposal of recurring and non-recurring assets purchased by the department.
Android based app for sanctioned positions, filled positions, vacancies, due to retire for efficient manpower management.
Dashboard for theme based aggregation of projects funded by DBT e.g. projects funded by different groups on tuberculosis (new drug development, diagnostic kit, vaccine etc.).
Detecting common key words in project proposals submitted by Principal Investigators to different funding agencies to detect overlap.
Android based app for quick access of R&D facilities, resources established by DBT in different institutions, Biotech Park and Incubators located in various parts of Country.
Biotech history app highlighting landmark achievements.
Marine bio-resources inventory app.
Android based mobile app for identification of impersonation in exams conducted by DBT for selection of JRF/ JNU-CET / BITP.
Online feedback of participants, Guest faculty, Course Director for DBT sponsored short term training programs.
Biotech Industrial Training Program app.
Android version of ePromis software.
Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals
Department of Chemicals & Petro-Chemicals is part of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. The Department is entrusted with the responsibility of policy, planning, development and regulation of Chemicals and Petrochemicals Industries.  By participating in Smart India Hackathon 2017, they seek digital solutions to 3 issues faced by them.
3 Problem Statement
Skill development in Chemical & Petrochemical sectors.
Identification of new areas for use of plastics – how to bring about sectoral shift in usage.
Inventory of Chemicals.
Department of Defence Production
The Department of Defence Production (DDP) was set up with the objective of developing a comprehensive production infrastructure to produce the weapons, systems, platforms, equipment required for defence. With the objective of achieving self-reliance in defence production, the Ordnance Factories and DPSUs have been continuously modernizing and upgrading their capabilities and widening their product range. They have 30 problem statements for which they look forward to innovative solutions in the Smart India Hackathon 2017.
29 Problem Statement
Govt to host a application for citizen information and guidance
Audio Scrambling
Online Intelligence Gathering and Analytics Tool
Desktop to Host 2 different OS with 100% Air Gap
Tracking/ Monitoring equipment deployed outside of network coverage area
File server solution to bring accountability of official electronic files copied on portable media
Low cost asset tracking system
Provisioning of Group members location & Chatting
Development of Plug-in to find out programmers coding efficiency (Based on the compiler output)
Development of Plug-in to the IDE to add a function as reusable code and retrieve from the reusable list of functions
Govt to host a ministry level, automated tender information system
Medical record tracking system
Remote Desktop Monitoring
Secure Copier (Secure Pen drive Copier)
Alertness App (Monitoring Tool)
Video Stabilization for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Image Based Object Recognition
HAL-Customer Data Sharing Interface
Secure Correspondence amongst stakeholders over internet
Biometric Authentication for Web Applications
e-Log Card
Collection and consolidation of Data through standalone files
Asymmetric Key Based Encryption and Authentication for File Sharing
Data Consolidation for information kept at 4 different servers and in 4 different formats In shipbuilding Industry
Negotiated price List for Regularly required products in DPSU (IT/ Non IT)
Group Messaging Solution between Senior Exec’s & MOD
MD’s Message Online
To transmit document across Air Gap between Internet and Intranet
To format document as per Formatting Standard adopted by DoS
Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
The Accessible India Campaign (AIC) under Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities aims at creating universal accessibility for persons with disabilities in built environment, transport system and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) eco-system. This department has identified 7 issues for which they are aggressively seeking solutions from the Smart India Hackathon 2017.
7 Problem Statement
Issue of Coordination among stakeholders
Real time monitoring
Assistive tools for visually/hearing impair
Mass publicity in a simplistic manner
Digital solution to integrate the Scholarship Scheme with Performance
Bridging Digital Divide
Retrofitting the Public Transport System
Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion comes under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. This department is responsible for formulation and implementation of promotional and developmental measures for growth of the industrial sector, keeping in view the national priorities and socio-economic objectives. They have identifies 8 problem statements for Smart India Hackathon 2017.
8 Problem Statement
Online Dashboard for Monitoring Committee
Online Dashboard for Inter-Ministerial Board (IMB) Meetings
Enablement of Live Chat feature in
Online Dashboard for Monitoring of Incubators
An app to provide enhanced Google Alerts related to the startup ecosystem
Mobile app Up-gradation (V2.0)
How to raise awareness about ‘StartupIndia’ in Tier-III cities
Develop an integrated Industries app that provides information and support to multiple industries
Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications
For more than 150 years, the Department of Posts (DoP) has been the backbone of the country’s communication and has played a crucial role in the country’s socio-economic development.
11 Problem Statement
Bag Tracking and Alert System
Information for the First Mile or acceptance point
Predicting the Delivery of the article
Network Monitoring
Monitoring of bandwidth Performance
Geo tagging
Self announcements by hardware-Inventory Management
e-commerce parcels-MIS and KPI
Tracking the Last Mile
Barcodes for Dual Purpose
Preventing Frauds-Analytical Tool
Department of Rural Development (DRD)
The Ministry of Rural Development plays a key role in poverty alleviation, inclusive growth and overall development in the rural areas of the country. In view of this, various government flagship programs/schemes have been implemented, where each program aims to provide support and cater to address problems faced in specific areas. Through these schemes, ministry aims to improve the quality of life, correct the developmental imbalances and to extend assistance to most disadvantaged sections of rural India. Key issues being targeted include (but not limited to) areas of rural employment, livelihood generation, rural connectivity, social assistance, rural housing to name a few. For Smart India Hackathon 2017, they seek solutions for 25 problem statements. 
25 Problem Statement
Solution required for evidence based tracking of progress in house construction under PMAY(G) program
Provide easy and real time access of information on housing typologies for area selected by Individuals for House construction.
Multi Hazard visualization as per location selected by Individual
Procedure to self verify, update/correct individual details captured during earlier surveys for PMAY(G) program
Develop a system that enables any person in rural area to proactively demand for work required to be done (under MGNREGS recognized work classifications)
Mechanism to effectively track and capture Attendance on work sites for MGNREGS workers using IRIS based attendance monitoring system
Algorithm/Mechanism for analyzing and estimating % match level for similar data column/s values (e.g. Name) in multiple DBs (e.g.: MGNREGS and AADHAR)
System to auto – evaluate and assess the work completed for a particular work (in progress) and eliminate need for physical verification of work being completed
A one stop source of Information interface with visualization display of performances, key indicators and other relevant statistics for schemes under MoRD
Alignment between various location structures and common location mapping between SECC, LGD and various applicable schemes
Real time visualization of location wise financial transactions (volume and amount) for various schemes [such as PMAY(G), MGNREGS, PMGSY, NRLM, DDU-GKY]
Payment process streamlining along with solution for Last mile Delivery mechanism for various programs/schemes such as PMAY(G) and MGNREGS
Mechanism to help rural people to self select for receiving benefit offered under Govt. scheme.
Verification of placement status (employment type, location etc.) after a candidate is placed under DDU-GKY program
Detection of plagiarism and other fraudulent activities in post Placement related documents
An android application solution for mobilization/Identification of Beneficiaries
An app/IVRS solution for DDU-GKY beneficiaries
Improving the existing employment framework/mechanism for skilled people
System for efficient and transparent process of buyer-seller interactions, provision for creating niche product offerings for SHG groups for all areas
Provision for a centralized one stop source for information about all government programs/schemes drillable to village level for SAGY.
System generating the total no of people eligible for receiving pensions under NSAP (Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme) but are not included (area wise)
Assessment of all computers for pirated and unauthorized software/s installed on system
Ensuring free flow, uninterrupted, regular internet bandwidth usage at all times for using internet for official work and limiting available bandwidth for accessing other internet sites/urls
Intruder detection on computers
Conference room booking system across multiple ministries/departments in different buildings
Department of Science and Technology
The Department of Science & Technology under Ministry of Science &Technoogy plays a pivotal role in promotion of science & technology in the country. The 9 problem statements identified by them will be tackeled by technology students in Smart India Hackathon 2017
9 Problem Statement
Gaming, Apps, etc.  for the elderly
Managing visitors to Science Express
Digitised Platform /Automatic Response platform for handling Parliament Questions
Discovery platform of startups
Corporate connect platform for startups
Know your incubator through a digitised platform
Aggregation of latest nation – wide startup scenario in a dynamic/real time mode
Digital Technologies /MIS for monitoring Water Quality Management in water supply network at district level
Smart Networks for Renewable Integrated Sources for stand alone Microgrids
Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, the apex body in India for the formulation, coordination and promotion of biomedical research, is one of the oldest medical research bodies in the world. They will participate in the Smart India Hackathon 2017 with 28 problem statements.
28 Problem Statement
Creating Games for prevention of Dengue and Chikunguniya
Developing a crowd sourcing solution for disease outbreaks
Sharing and access of antimicrobial resistance data
Intelligent module for connecting Laboratory Information System (LIS)/ Hospital Information System (HIS) with ICMR-Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System
Development of App for Data Collection in Management of Acute Coronary Event Registry
To develop Acute Coronary Syndrome Risk Predicting model using MACE sample data
To Collect and Analyze Vital Statistics events of the Civil Registration System(CRS) : Real time transfer of Birth and death information from rural area to server/central level through APP
Tablet based ‘App’ for collection of community health data
Development of an automated reminder system for cervical cancer screening in HIV patients
Improving malaria surveillance in hard to reach areas
To create a repository for equipments under ICMR’s intramural program
Interactive Application mapping pin codes of entire country
Pipeline for developing pangenome from short-reads
Identifying cell boundaries from video data
Texture and cell organlees analysis to identify potential cell abnormalities
High precision speech to text converters with language translators for use in Electronic Patient Record software
Monitoring in Occupational health  
To monitor the logistics of cold chain in immunization programme
A tool for Mining MEDLINE/Pubmed for identifying subject Experts
A portal for finding call for proposals from various health research funding agencies
Data security
A tool for reporting publications from ICMR funded research
Automated MeSH annotation of text using machine learning
A tracking system for migrant workers working in silica exposed working environment
Interlinking studies on Bhopal Gas Victim
Creating awareness for stroke through gaming : Time is Brain
Tracking tuberculosis through a sensor based GPS enabled technology 
Solutions for Health Account Scheme to be more user friendly
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
The Department of Space (DoS) is an Indian government department responsible for administration of the Indian space program. It manages several agencies and institutes related to space exploration and space technologies.The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has been assigned the task of conducting the Smart India Hackathon 2017 on behalf of Department of Space. They have identified 53 problem statements.
53 Problem Statement
Storing emails on mailbox server in encrypted format accessible only to owner of the email
Determine the authenticity of the email sender without using personal digital certificates
Network Traffic classification tool for detecting anonymized traffic
Detect automated web traffic generated for a web server
Novel approaches for botnets detection in real time
Simulate Virus Spread from client machine through email
Detection of “Zero day” malware propagation and identification of the infected machine(s).
Customize open source or freeware Anti-Spam solution with a novel approach for increasing its SPAM detection accuracy
Develop a solution for SPAM identification using a novel approach.
Develop a software capable of exploiting mail server using IMAP/POP3 interface
Develop a monitoring tool for email infrastructure servers.
Develop a smartphone application for secure email access using SMTP and IMAP
Develop a solution to detect security breaches or anomalies in network traffic using network log analysis.
Simulate Data leakage using ICMP and DNS protocols.
Develop tools for demonstration of wireless cracking
Design a breach detection system (BDS)
Design a solution using customized TCP/IP for allowing network access to trusted clients
Develop a solution to protect against website defacement attempts
Detecting Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) by modeling the user, computer & network behavior
Develop a solution which could centrally monitor System Hardening of machines connected to the network
Develop an android containing for securely accessing private services of an enterprises.
Design a smartphone app to protect OTP from being accessed by any other app running on the device
Design a solution to detect hypervisor level rootkit
Develop a solution which implements Machine Network finger printing to detect anomalies in network behavior of machines
Propose and implement techniques to detect firmware/BIOS rootkits.
Develop a malware analysis solution
Design a solution to ensure continuous execution of security applications
Develop a solution implementing agent based Network Admission Control through DHCP enforcement
Develop a solution to ensure health of machine using Agent based Network Admission Control
Design a solution to detect Arp-spoofing attacks originating within a network
Demonstrate a Proof of Concept of an exploit kit
Develop a solution to detect payloads generated by tools like veil-evasion
Work out novel approach to implement honey pot/net/service/app in real live surfing environment to detect attack or/and machine compromise.
Design a Network level Application Layer Firewall
Develop a person identification system using key stroke dynamics
Develop an Add-on for any popular open-source VPN solution for improving the security of authentication
Develop a solution for protecting App distribution
Simulate Virus Spread through Network Connection
Detecting Virus Spread through Network Connection
Develop a cloud based centralized repository for distribution, management and updating of cyber security tools for government organisations.
Building Trusted Execution Environment for Linux
Secure distribution of restricted documents outside the organization
Implement a solution which preserves Secret and Top Secret Documents
Data leakage detection and prevention of confidential documents
Detection and prevention of data upload on Internet
Implement secure data transfer using steganography
Develop an efficient spear phishing mail detection system
Develop a solution to detect backdoors in components of enterprise infrastructure
Develop a solution to detect backdoors in network routers
Design a solution to restrict usage of public mailing service from government infrastructure
Design a solution to detect Physical Intrusion detection
Develop a solution for protecting photocopy of Highly Confidential Documents
Develop a solution for Document tracking within an organization network
Ministry of AYUSH
The Ministry of AYUSH is a governmental body in India purposed with developing, education and research in Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine), yoga, naturopathy, unani, siddha, and homoeopathy, Sowa-rigpa[1] (Traditional Tibetan medicine), and other Indigenous Medicine systems. All India Institute of Ayurveda is representing this ministry in the Smart India Hackathon 2017 and they have identified 15 problem statements.
15 Problem Statement
Online submission of grant applications and their real time status
Real time monitoring of various projects funded by the Ministry of AYUSH
Reporting of side effects of Ayurveda, Unani, Homoeopathy & Siddha Medicines.
Centralized online status of all registered medical practitioners of AYUSH system.
Real time dashboard for tracking manpower (officers/employees) within the Institute as well as faculty of various AYUSH institutions of the country.
Online consultation from AYUSH experts of various Institutes & Hospitals
GAMES for propagating AYUSH systems of medicine
Tracking of endangered species of Medicinal plants
Database and status of various labs/equipment/machine utilized for quality control. Safety and efficacy assessment of ASU & H drugs
Online registry system for the research topics of PG /PhD /research projects
Monitoring system for drug manufacturing units of the country
Geographical Location and identification of Medicinal Plants
Quick diagnosis of Skin diseases
Assessment of Prakriti (Body genomics constitution)Based on Image processing technology
APP for Ministry of AYUSH
Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER)
MDONERacts as a facilitator between the Central Ministries/ Departments and the State Governments of the North Eastern Region including Sikkim in the economic development including removal of infrastructural bottlenecks, provision of basic minimum services, creating an environment for private investment and to remove impediments to lasting peace and security in the North Eastern Region including, Sikkim.
11 Problem Statement
Development of Dynamic website of MoDoNER
Centralized portal for in North Eastern States.
Promoting Games/App
Explaining the famous products of NER
Monitoring of Roads and Projects through Space Technology
Making project portal of NLCPR user friendly.
Keeping track of health of cancer patient through app based system to provide health care services online
Real time information dissemination to the people of NER
Information regarding activities of various in Ministries/Departments in North Eastern Region
Technology innovation in North Eastern Region
Skill Development training for unemployed youths of North Eastern Region
Ministry of Earth Sciences
The Government of India further reorganized the Ministry of Ocean Development and the new Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) came into being vide Presidential Notification dated the 12th July, 2006 bringing under its administrative control India Meteorological Department (IMD), Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) and National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF).
30 Problem Statement
Digital coast
Clean Coast
Coastal Change Analysis System
Interactive web application for Sea water quality monitoring
Dash board for E-training
Network Stats
Subset Wizard along with Data Format Conversion Utility
Real Time Satellite Imagery dissemination app
A Standalone application for Generation of Tuna Fishing Advisory
Ensuring timely dissemination of INCOIS services through mobile App with added features on gaming & feedback collection
Real-time data processing and dissemination
To build a n sided m dimensional polyhedron with least volume
Parallelization of Tunami Application
Video Compression algorithm for GSM & Satellite telemetry
Pattern recognition algorithm to identify marine animals.
Marine Bio-Diversity Web and Mobile Application
Development of marine biodiversity information portal
Integrated portal for Coastal Ocean Monitoring and Prediction System
Digitalization of Andaman Biodiversity information
Port Management Software
Software to track any new IP assigned and joins the network other than the approved list of IP’s.
Encryption & Decryption Hacks
Software solution for E-Mail Load Balancing
To track list of software installed in the PC’s / Workstation’s attached to the network.
Software for system hardware inventory.
Print Management Software.
In-house software test bench for application security.
Data Processing and issue of earthquake messages
Map plotting of earthquake
Intensity map generation
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)
Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology(MEITY)promotes e-Governance for empowering citizens, promoting the inclusive and sustainable growth of the Electronics, IT &ITeS industries, enhancing India’s role in Internet Governance, adopting a multipronged approach that includes development of human resources, promoting R&D and innovation, enhancing efficiency through digital services and ensuring a secure cyber space. 21 problem statements have been identified from this Ministry.
21 Problem Statement
Security Surveillance System (Video Surveillance / Analytics)
Electronic Personal Safety System
National Disaster Mitigation Plan (Drought, Floods and Cold Wave/Frost)
Networking (Inter-Connected) Healthcare Technology
Accurate detection of impersonation in online examination
Designing of geo-spatial tracking of Electronic and Electrical Equipments (EEE) for implementation of producer responsibility in Electronic Waste Rules 2016
Digital Rights Management System
Easy Navigation System for Visually Impaired Persons
Online submission and processing of telephone and newspaper bills
Automation in preparation of the tender documents
App for monitoring the work done in Swachh Bharat Mission (GIS based)
Problems faced in crypto domain
Lack of Secure channel for communication among cyber security experts
Making of virtual environment for practicing cyber forensics learning.
Lack of Testbed for cyber security experiments
Lack of Cyber Security Awareness among Students in technical institutions
Automated questionnaire and test for basic cyber security learning for senior non-technical officers.
Kids, adults and internet awareness. Kids educational apps
Classroom optimization, Laboratory optimization & Optimization of other resources
Create a program for year-wise listing of work done by researchers related to keyword input on web. Output should have country tags, institution tag and any other tag that could be provided to program through input.
Designing of product specific product development cycle based on manufacturing model (business and technical) of the product. Product development cycle time needs to be minimized for the problem.
Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change
MoEFCC is responsible for planning, promoting, coordinating, and overseeing the implementation of environmental and forestryprogrammes in the country. The main activities undertaken by the ministry include conservation and survey of the flora of India and fauna of India, forests and other wilderness areas; prevention and control of pollution; afforestation, and land degradation mitigation. It is responsible for the administration of the national parks of India. 28 problems statemenst from this Ministry will be given to technology students as a part of Smart India Hakcathon 2017.
28 Problem Statement
Develop a Biodiversity Information system for a Protected Area
Documenting distribution and population status of National Bird and State Birds of India
Assessment of Prey – Predator population dynamics of a Protected Area through a digital mechanism
Monitoring, management and conservation of water quality and biodiversity of inland wetland.
Digital field guides/ mobile apps for field identification of butterflies.
Common Bird Monitoring as indicator of changing landscapes.
Monitoring migratory bird population in India which is an indicator of Climate Change.
National monitoring of flowering and fruiting of important tree species to assess the Climate Change.
Digital plan for restoration of a dying river in India.
Digital solutions to restore degraded forests in India.
Decentralized water harvesting solutions for villages and urban areas.
Digital solutions for the sustainable harvest of local vegetation biomass around villages.
Mechanism to do the household/agricultural/ industrial/public energy auditing and management for sustainable development.
Evaluate the potential and develop a mechanism to promote alternative energy harvesting and usage.
Water usage audit of household/agricultural/industrial sectors and management plans.
A surveillance system for air pollution monitoring, warning and management .
Digital solutions to evaluate the pollution and pressure on wetlands and water bodies and its conservation.
Planning solid waste management for any urban area/ housing colony.
Digital solutions to control and manage noise pollution.
Digital solutions for `Smart Transport’ restructuring to reduce air pollution in any city.
Evaluation of Health Hazards and management of electronic wastes.
Mechanism to evaluate Human-Wildlife conflicts in forest areas and develop technologies to mitigate the conflict issues.
Assessment of effect of tourism on local biodiversity in Protected Areas.
Documentation and use of `Traditional Ecological Knowledge’ to conserve `Sacred Groves’ in India.
Prediction of rain and local weather based on the available 100 years of rainfall data and modeling a farmer support system.
Mechanism to evaluate harmful radiation levels in working environment on human society and suggest measures to improve conditions.
Local level carbon sequestrations to mitigate Climate Change.
Local level natural resource mapping and management for sustainable development.
Ministry of External Affairs
The Ministry of External Affairs of India is the government agency responsible for the conduct of foreign relations of India. The Ministry is responsible for the country's representation in the United Nations. It also advises other Ministries and State Governments when the latter have dealings with foreign governments or institutions. They are looking for digital solution to 18 problem statements.
18 Problem Statement
Ensuring the security of web applications hosted on the GI Cloud (Meghraj)
Presently, there is no application for scanning the remote cloud and its several associated components to examine the level of vulnerability of the system from the Cyber security point of view
Application to evaluate the operating systems vulnerability particularly Linux operating system
Ensuring the security of all applications particularly the communication data on the local machine
To monitor the pilferage/leakage of the data from the applications hosted on the cloud
Full-proof security (end-to-end) and data security between two web applications over the networks
Provisioning of geo-tagging information with the e-Governance applications accessed globally
Ensuring the Smartphones and its applications from any cyber attacks
Ensuring access of email and notes in the smart phones
Securing the data transition between domestic and international networks
Devising a cost effective application for data mining and data analytics
Mechanism to monitoring the Google DNS Server forwarding links
Identifying and locating the suitable versions of Linux Kernel deployed with particular RHEL for SMTP & Pop 3 mail configuration
Mapping of ports on Network
Accessing the virtual dashboard of cloud application independent of the browser and operating system of the remote computer
Email spoofing detection
Restoration of file in the Linux root file system
Devising a software for deployment of software on cloud through the SSH mode
Ministry of Food Processing
The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI) is responsible for formulation and administration of the rules and regulations and laws relating to food processing in India. The ministry was set up with a view to develop a strong and vibrant food processing industry, to create increased employment in rural sector and enable farmers to reap the benefits of modern technology and to create a surplus for exports and stimulating demand for processed food. They have 15 problem statements for Smart India Hackathon 2017.
15 Problem Statement
App to connect Farmers directly with Retailers and Food Processing Industries
App to connect FPI directly with Domestic Retailers
A dashboard to connect FPI with importers
A dashboard for foreign investors to decide locations for setting up FPIs
Window on Ministry’s website to upload data on KPI of Mega Food Parks
Window on Ministry’s website to upload data on KPI of Cold Chain Projects
Window on Ministry’s website to upload data on KPI of Abattoirs
App of small videos on food processing techniques for farmer community
Window on website to upload traditional food recipes for commercial development
App for industry to post R&D requirements for reaching out to R&D Institutions
Dashboard of information for foreign investors to invest in retail food chain
An app to match fortification ideas and nutrients blending technologies
Spread sheet model for estimating processing levels periodically
Spread sheet model for estimating wastage periodically
Campaign on Facebook page for promoting processed food
Ministry of HRD
1. NCERT Provides advice and support for the improvement of school education. This department is under the Ministry of HRD and they have identified 6 problems from their department for the Smart India Hackathon 2017. 2. CBSE is a Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India. It comes under the Ministry of HRD. 3. National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) provides a number of Vocational, Life Enrichment and community oriented courses besides General and Academic Courses at Secondary and Senior Secondary level. It also offers Elementary level Courses through its Open Basic Education Programs
21 Problem Statement
GIS based examination centers allocation and search
Software tool to assess the learning achievement of students
Monitoring of Personal Contact Programs (PCP)
Image Data Processing and Evaluation
Tool for online career counseling
Online Accreditation System
Evaluation of Answer book
Software tool for evaluating performance of teachers by student
Complain/Feedback Redressal Mechanism
Standardization/Grace Statistics
Tool to evaluate the descriptive questions
Digitization of the Personnel Record
Standardization of Marks
Solution to prevent copy right infringement/piracy/plagiarism of NCERT text books
Integrated Mobile App for Tracking of the Job assigned to various officials as well as correspondence
Prevention of Impersonation
Solution for making certification of online courses authentic at par with offline certification
Learning Mobile App for the Learners with Disability may be developed
App for Stock Inventory of the Material Production and Distributio
App for Intelligent Document Management system and retrieval
App for Monitoring of the Examination System
#NIO9 Ministry of HRD
1. NCERT Provides advice and support for the improvement of school education. This department is under the Ministry of HRD and they have identified 6 problems from their department for the Smart India Hackathon 2017. 2. CBSE is a Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India. It comes under the Ministry of HRD. 3. National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) provides a number of Vocational, Life Enrichment and community oriented courses besides General and Academic Courses at Secondary and Senior Secondary level. It also offers Elementary level Courses through its Open Basic Education Programs
21 Problem Statement
GIS based examination centers allocation and search
Software tool to assess the learning achievement of students
Monitoring of Personal Contact Programs (PCP)
Image Data Processing and Evaluation
Tool for online career counseling
Online Accreditation System
Evaluation of Answer book
Software tool for evaluating performance of teachers by student
Complain/Feedback Redressal Mechanism
Standardization/Grace Statistics
Tool to evaluate the descriptive questions
Digitization of the Personnel Record
Standardization of Marks
Solution to prevent copy right infringement/piracy/plagiarism of NCERT text books
Integrated Mobile App for Tracking of the Job assigned to various officials as well as correspondence
Prevention of Impersonation
Solution for making certification of online courses authentic at par with offline certification
Learning Mobile App for the Learners with Disability may be developed
App for Stock Inventory of the Material Production and Distributio
App for Intelligent Document Management system and retrieval
App for Monitoring of the Examination System
Ministry of Railways
The first railway on Indian sub-continent ran over a stretch of 21 miles from Bombay to Thane. The idea of a railway to connect Bombay with Thane, Kalyan and with the Thal and Bhore Ghats inclines first occurred to Mr. George Clark, the Chief Engineer of the Bombay Government, during a visit to Bhandup in 1843.
31 Problem Statement
Unreserved Ticketing Solution
Location of Railway Reservation Offices
Passenger Security
Security App for Women
Condition of Railway Tracks
Train Requirement Forecast
Linkage of local public transport with commuter trains
Energy Utilization
Waste Management
Tracking of Individual Package Booked in Parcel & Luggage
Maintenance of Coaches & Wagons
Telecom Connectivity
Preventing Untoward Incident
Ticket Checking System
Accidents at Unmanned Level Crossings
Travel Planner App
De duplication of Price List Numbers
Management of GUI based Multilevel Numbered List
Condition of Rail Bridges
Management of Railway Rest Houses & Holiday Homes
Involving Passengers in Upkeep of Railway Stations
Disaster Preparedness
Unification of Railway Apps
Virtual Tour of Railway Station
Integration of multiple Railway websites
Analysis of Train wise Earnings
Website security
Energy Efficiency
Mapping Beneficiaries of Health Services
Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship
The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship coordinates all skill development efforts across the country. It aims to remove disconnect between demand and supply of skilled manpower, to build the new skills and innovative thinking not only for existing jobs but also jobs that are to be created. 
28 Problem Statement
Location and Availability of Skill Courses
Linking Supply and Demand of Skills
Labor Market trend tracker
System to track advancement in the skill/equipment’s requirement
Skill Games
PMKVY Dynamic Training Calendar App
PMKVY Employers App
The detail of all trainees enrolled on PMKVY centers is available on LMIS data at exists an opportunity to link employers to access certified candidates from the PMKVY system by job role, location, NSQF level, etc. This will elevate the Scheme from a skills program to a jobs program.
An app based solution can be designed to help link the employer with the certified trainees.
Sample data required: No
Technology platform for spreading awareness about PMKVY scheme among masses.
Platform to track workforce requirement
Skill India App
App to track Migration trends to find skill requirement
Platform for helping youth make informed decisions on career choices in the vocational sector
MIS for coordination of various departments in GoI
Leveraging Project LOON by GOOGLE for spreading awareness of skill programs
E- portal for processing application, registration, inspection and providing status report on affiliation of ITIs
Creation of App for obtaining the status of regular up-gradation of ITIs
Creation of E-information Cell for providing Skill training related information which can be disseminated to all schools for providing necessary career guidance.
Developing Software for sector specific professional licenses for skill trainers
E-information/ Technology platform for standardized building layout and space allocations for shop floors
National E- portal for distance learning in skill training in each sector
E-library and digitized didactic cell for all instructional materials, Question/Answers Bank and trouble shootings
On-line skill test in every sector for every level of skill
Technological solution for recognition of prior skills in informal sector
Easy solutions for doing BIG DATA analysis
National Entrepreneurship Internship Exchange
PWD (Divyang) user friendly Entrepreneurship Support & Facilitation Ecosystem
Entrepreneurship Facilitation Services Processing Centre
Application Software – for Training Facility Management, Noida and Guwhati
Ministry of Steel
Ministry of Steel coordinates policies for and facilitates the growth and development of the iron and steel industries. They have nominated MECON to represent their ministry in the Smart India Hackathon 2017. They have identified 31 problem statements for this initiative.
31 Problem Statement
Interfacing Issues of Energy Monitoring System in Steel Plants
Application for selecting suitable material based on the raw material characteristics in Pelletizing Plant
Automation System for Pelletizing disc
Tracking of resources using satellite imagery or any other means in Steel Plant
Automatic Position Tracking of Hot Metal Ladle in Steel Plant
Heat Tracking from BOF to Rolling Mill in Steel Plant
Material Quality Tracking from Caster to Rolling Mill in Steel Plant
Railway Wagon number Tracking in Steel Plant
Online Railway Receipt from Indian Railway
Online Validation of Test Certificate of products in steel plant
Mobile App for reducing power theft.
Automatic System to Power-off Street light in day time/ Powering off alternate street lights at Mid Night
Solar Panel for all tall buildings
Mobile apps for project monitoring
Electronic Document Management System
Common feedback System for vendors, customers & general public
Common Communication Platform for Ministry to PSU’s and PSU’s to PSU’s
Accessing server data without storing in local devices
Identifying Phishing and fraud sites
Identifying phishing emails and not responding/clicking of any unwanted link or attachment
Email Spam Problem
Email Hacking and identity compromise
Hacking of Website
HSCL official website was being hacked couple of times in past few years. For avoiding such incident some site locking features introduced which had resulted in decrease of such problem. However a solutions to this is total protection of the website.
Sample data required: No
Migration from IPv4 to IPv6
Mobile apps to monitor office network
System to provide information of Software /OS installed in computers
Bank Reconciliation Problem for multiple types of statement generated by different banks
Software to calculate area, volume etc. of a geometric shape and to provide a 3D AutoCAD compatible drawing
Application to restrict conversion of Pdf/tiff drawings in other formats
Application for monitoring deployment of manpower by contractors
Transfer of employees HR data from one SAIL Plant to other SAIL plant
NCPCR Commission's Mandate is to ensure that all Laws, Policies, Programmes, and Administrative Mechanisms are in consonance with the Child Rights perspective as enshrined in the Constitution of India and also the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Child is defined as a person in the 0 to 18 years age group.This department has identified 19 problem statements for the Smart India Hackathon 2017.
19 Problem Statement
Real-time school attendance of children and teachers in schools all over India
Non-availability of teachers in government schools
Drop-out of children of migrant families from school
Sensitisation and monitoring of School Safety and Security Manual
Reporting infrastructure related complaints in schools
Functioning of School management Committees
Implementation of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012
Information on all child related Acts on one platform
Child rights violation related news on one portal
Orientation on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Street Children
Admission of students under Section 12(1)(c) of RTE Act, 2009
Nutritional value of MidDay Meal served in government schools
Awareness regarding Skill Training protocols developed by National Skill Development Council
Monitoring of children in Child Care institutions (CCIs)
Developing an automated Grievance Related Mechanism
Grievance Redressal Mechanism related to Child Health and Nutrition at NCPCR
Digitalization of Monitoring Mechanism of Anganwadi Centres (AWCs)
Trained and qualified Counsellors in Child Care Institutions and in Schools
Achieving the indicators setup by NCPCR for Child Friendly Villages to improve the status of children across the country.
University Grants Commission (UGC)
University Grants Commission (UGC) of India is a statutory body set up under Ministry of Human Resource Development, and is charged with coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of higher education. It provides recognition to universities in India, and disburses funds to such recognized universities and colleges. They are participating the Smart India Hackathon 2017 seeking real time digital solutions to 20 issues faced by them.
20 Problem Statement
Institutional Funding Operational Management Solution
Academic Time-Table Management Tool under CBCS
UGC Schemes Outcomes Analyzer
UGC Digital Curation Platform for Research Outcomes
Internal Research Management Systems for institutions
Integrating different digital platforms providing information on Higher Education to the public
Making the Internal database of UGC Bureau/offices adaptable to the Payment Gateway (PFMS)
Documenting novel solutions and innovations in Education- An App
Digital platform on facilities and resources on different disciplines across the country
Creating college dashboards for UGC
Mapping College Neighbourhood and Social Possibilities
How to Check the duplicity of Research Projects submitted to various funding agencies.
Online receipt of applications/proposals
Replacing the costly and time-consuming method of evaluation
To make the system responsive
To have a common repository of data
Immediate response by IUCs/MCs/NFCs.
Monitoring the combined data of IUCs/MCs/NFCs to ensure timely action/disposal.
Identification of Fake Universities.
Continuous monitoring of the programmes
home automatation
#door open indicator
#automatiic door open with nfc/rfid
#smart charger on off
#one click and shutdown all pc