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An online playground with an instantly ready coding environment. Combine language preprocessors, CSS, HTML and JavaScript to create and share coding examples.
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Fiddle Salad Live Web Development

The web developer's wonderland that makes everyday tasks enjoyable, a live editor for front-end languages

Current Features

  • Views
    • Results (live)
    • Compiled output (live)
      • CSS tooltips
      • jQuery API links
  • Auto-complete
    • CSS keyword
    • HTML attributes
    • JavaScript context
  • Saving
    • Local history
    • Diff of different revisions
  • Converters
    • JS -> CoffeeScript
    • HTML -> Jade
  • Import from existing site

Supported Languages

  • HTML

    • HAML
    • Zen Coding (input method)
    • Jade
    • CoffeeCup
  • CSS

    • SASS and SCSS with Compass
    • LESS
    • Stylus
  • JavaScript

    • CoffeeeScript
    • Python

Getting the Code and Running it

git clone git://
git clone git://
mv cloud-ide-templates templates
git clone git://
cd django-cloud-ide
python install
cd ../fiddlesalad
pip install -r requirements.txt (see if you don't have pip)
python syncdb
python runserver

Open in the browser.

Installation Notes

Compiling CoffeeScript

from the static/js/ folder run

coffee -cw -o ./compiled-coffee .\

Developer Documentation

The wiki has information on the overall design.

Contribution Guidelines

Features ready to be implemented:

  • Save lint options with fiddle, as a part of the JSON
  • HTML class and id auto-complete
  • Auto-semicolon insertion for CSS style languages
  • Hide window title bar option
  • Color picker
  • Scroll source to current cursor position in editor
  • Better CoffeeCup documentation page with syntax highlighting
    • Use CodeMirror's built-in run mode
  • More Languages
    • Markdown
    • Eco
    • Move

Syntax Highlighting

Get started by reading the CodeMirror manual. The modes are under static/js/codemirror/mode/.


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