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Cloze Test Helps: Effective Video Anomaly Detection via Learning to Complete Video Events

by Guang Yu, Siqi Wang, Zhiping Cai, En Zhu, Chuanfu Xu, Jianping Yin, Marius Kloft. Oral paper In ACM Multimedia 2020.

1. Environment

  • python 3.6
  • PyTorch 1.1.0 (0.3.0 for calculating optical flow)
  • torchvision 0.3.0
  • cuda 9.0.176
  • cudnn 7.0.5
  • mmcv 0.2.14 (might use pip install mmcv==0.2.14 to install old version of mmcv)
  • mmdetection 1.0rc0 (might use git clone -b v1.0rc0 to clone old version of mmdetection)
  • numpy 1.17.2
  • scikit-learn 0.21.3

Refer to the full environment in issue. Note that our project is based on mmdet v1.0rc0. Run the program strictly according to our environment, or might try the newer versions of mmdet, PyTorch and mmcv.

2. Download datasets

Download datasets from OneDrive or BaiduYunPan (code:i9b3), and move them into ./raw_datasets.

3. Calculate optical flow

(1) Follow the instructions to install FlowNet2, then download the pretrained model flownet2, and move the downloaded model FlowNet2_checkpoint.pth.tar into ./FlowNet2_src/pretrained.

(2) Run (in PyTorch 0.3.0): python This will generate a new folder named optical_flow containing the optical flow of the different datasets. The optical_flow folder has the same directory structure as the raw_datasets folder.

4. Test on saved models

(1) Follow the instructions to install mmdetection (might use git clone -b v1.0rc0 to clone old version of mmdetection). Then download the pretrained object detector Cascade R-CNN, and move it to ./obj_det_checkpoints.

(2) Select the model in ./data/raw2flow, and move the files in the folders (such as avenue_model_5raw1of_auc0.902) into ./data/raw2flow.

(3) Edit the file config.cfg: i. Change the dataset_name (UCSDped2, avenue and ShanghaiTech are optional) of [shared_parameters] for the selected model in step (2). ii. Change the context_of_num (4 and 0 are optional, 4 corresponds to the model with 5of and 0 corresponds to 1of) in [SelfComplete].

(4) Run python

5. Train

Edit the file config.cfg according to your requirements and run python

6. Performance

Dataset UCSDped2 Avenue ShanghaiTech
AUROC 97.3% 90.2% 74.8%


Cloze Test Helps: Effective Video Anomaly Detection via Learning to Complete Video Events. Oral paper in ACM Multimedia 2020.





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