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arch ?= x86_64
kernel := build/kernel-${arch}.bin
iso := build/min-os-${arch}.iso
src_arch := src/arch/${arch}
src_grub := ${src_arch}/grub
build_boot := build/isofiles/boot
build_grub := ${build_boot}/grub
build_arch := build/arch/${arch}
linker := ${src_arch}/linker.ld
grub_cfg := ${src_grub}/grub.cfg
asm_src := $(wildcard ${src_arch}/*.asm)
asm_obj := $(patsubst ${src_arch}/%.asm, ${build_arch}/%.o, \
.PHONY: all clean build run
all: ${iso}
build: ${iso}
run: ${build}
@qemu-system-x86_64 -cdrom ${iso}
${kernel}: ${linker} ${asm_obj}
@ld -n -T ${linker} -o ${kernel} ${asm_obj}
${iso}: ${kernel} ${grub_cfg}
@mkdir -p ${build_grub}
@cp ${kernel} ${build_boot}/kernel.bin
@cp ${grub_cfg} ${build_grub}
@grub-mkrescue -o ${iso} build/isofiles 2>/dev/null
${build_arch}/%.o: ${src_arch}/%.asm
@mkdir -p ${build_arch}
@nasm -felf64 $< -o $@
@rm -r build
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