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Haxe port of Starling Builder
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Starling Builder Haxe

This is a Haxe port of Starling Builder engine. Starling Builder is an open source UI editor for Starling Framework. The original AS3 version repository is from

This Haxe version interprets the same layout format of the AS3 version. It gives you the ability to target both Flash/AIR and non-Flash/AIR platform (mostly html5). You can check out the online demo project at

It should work well on desktop, tablet and phone browsers.

Setup OpenFL

haxelib install openfl
haxelib run openfl setup

Setup Starling

haxelib install starling

Currently the Starling port is based on Starling 1.8. Feathers UI port(only partially working) is based on Feathers UI 2.2.

Run the demo

cd demo
openfl test flash
openfl test html5


For more information, please visit our wiki page at

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