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HTML (Selleck).tmLanguage
JavaScript - YUI 3.tmLanguage
JavaScript - YUI 3.tmLanguage.ejs

YUI TextMate Extras

This directory contains extras for working with YUI in TextMate and other editors that support TextMate bundles, such as Sublime Text and E.


  • HTML (Selleck).tmLanguage: Language syntax for YUI's Selleck documentation files, which are a mixture of HTML, Handlebars/Mustache, and some custom syntax.

  • JavaScript - YUI 3.tmLanguage: Language syntax for JavaScript files containing YUI 3 code. This file is automatically generated; don't edit it by hand.


Double-click on a .tmLanguage file to install it in TextMate. For other editors that support TextMate bundles, you're on your own.


The YUI 3 syntax is generated automatically by the build.js script from the latest syntax data retrieved from the YUI website API. To modify the syntax, edit the JavaScript - YUI 3.tmLanguage.ejs template; don't edit the generated syntax file itself.