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#YUI GridBuilder

The YUI Responsive Grid Builder is a little web app that generates responsive CSS based on YUI Grids.


##See it in action

##A little tutorial and an example The responsive CSS works by adding a single yui3-g-r class name, on top of the existing YUI3 Grids syntax. Check out the documentation. Here's an example based on

##Issues and Feature Requests Please submit all issues and feature requests through Github. It makes it easy to track.

##Current Features

  • Creates the CSS for a grid when user specifies the screen width, number of columns, and "%" or "px" based layout
  • User can make certain elements responsive.
  • User can specify screen widths that they are interested in via media queries.
  • Unit Test Coverage
  • Works with the latest YUI Grids


If you have any feature requests, or have noticed a bug, file an issue.

###Downloading and running locally This app has no server-side dependencies. Just fork it and open index.html in a browser. Easy.

###Unit Tests The unit tests for this app can be found in the tests/ directory. The unit tests run through different permutations and combinations when it comes to generating the CSS. You can view the unit tests for the latest stable GridBuilder in your browser.


A little web app that generates responsive YUI Grids CSS




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