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YUI Build Tasks
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LICENSE Initial Commit Feb 25, 2013

Grunt YUI Contrib

Various Grunt tasks used to within the YUI Project.


>> Showing YUI specific help commands

  build         Build the entire library (and npm package) locally with yogi
  release       Build a release (dist, cdn and npm)
  build-test    Build and test the entire library
  test          Test the library with yogi
  test-cli      Test the library via CLI with yogi
  travis        Perform a travis test (uses enviroment vars to determine tests)
  help          Show this stuffs

>> Options:

  --release-version=<VERSION>   Pass to set the version of the release (optional, will read from package.json)
  --release-build=<BUILD>       Pass to set the build number of the release, if not passed the git sha will be used.
  --cache-build                 Cache the shifter build.

>> Env Vars:

GRUNT_SKIP_BUILD=1      Skip the `build` step (used if you need to `npm i` more than once.
GRUNT_SKIP_PREBUILD=1   Will skip release prebuild (don't build into ./build, only build into ./release)

Build Status

Build Status

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