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phploader README
The YUI PHP Loader Utility is a server-side utility that allows you to
load specific YUI components and their dependencies into your page via PHP.
YUI PHP Loader can operate as a holistic solution by loading all of your
necessary YUI components, or it can be used to add one or more components
to a page on which some YUI content already exists.
phploader requires a webserver with support for PHP 4.3.0+ or PHP 5+.
The code for YUI phploader is provided under a BSD license:
Project home page:
Source code:
Issue tracker:
This file
The change log
Installation instructions
Open source license details.
Contains the YUI module dependency metadata (for versions 2 and 3).
The latest version is shipped with each release, but you can manually
add additional version.
The main YUI PHP Loader class file
Local lightweight combo handling service that will allow PHP Loader to
combine files without relying on a remote combo-service.
Contains a number of tests and example loader scripts
Contains YUI PHP Loader example documentation and working code samples
Contains the standard YUI API style documentation
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