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Basic YUI PHP Loader Setup
1. Verify that the environment you intend to install YUI PHP Loader on
has a working webserver, (e.g.) Apache, with support for PHP.
2. Extract the YUI PHP Loader archive to a location within the
server's webroot (e.g.) htdocs/phploader.
3. Refer to usage documents and examples:
Local Combo Handler Setup
This feature will allow YUI PHP Loader to combine files without relying
on a remote combo-service. The key use case here would be someone
writing their own website/application in PHP.
1. The main endpoint for combo requests in this case is combo.php. Place
this file in the same location as loader.php.
Note: If the phploader directory does not live in the webserver's root
folder then modify the $pathToYUILoader variable in combo.php accordingly
2. Download and extract each version of YUI you intend to support into
the phploader/lib directory.
A valid setup would look something like:
3. Refer to usage documents and examples:
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