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…oving the overrideBase combo logic (not supported), and adding a local combo test.
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@@ -25,12 +25,11 @@ writing their own website/application in PHP.
folder then modify the $pathToYUILoader variable in combo.php accordingly
2. Download and extract each version of YUI you intend to support into
- the phploader directory. We recommend you organize them in a
- subfolder named "releases".
+ the phploader/lib directory.
A valid setup would look something like:
- htdocs/phploader/releases/2.7.0/build
- htdocs/phploader/releases/2.6.0/build
+ htdocs/phploader/lib/2.7.0/build
+ htdocs/phploader/lib/2.6.0/build
3. Refer to usage documents and examples:
@@ -1,25 +1,24 @@
-yuidoc README
+phploader README
-yuidoc is a set of tools to generate the API documentation for the JavaScript
-in the YUI library. The docs are derived completely from JavaDoc style
-comment blocks; no attempt is made to understand the javascript itself.
+The YUI PHP Loader Utility is a server-side utility that allows you to
+load specific YUI components and their dependencies into your page via PHP.
+YUI PHP Loader can operate as a holistic solution by loading all of your
+necessary YUI components, or it can be used to add one or more components
+to a page on which some YUI content already exists.
-yuidoc requires Python 2.3+ with the following extensions:
- simplejson - for reading and writing json
- cheetah - for generating the html docs
- pygments - for colorizing the source
+phploader requires a webserver with support for PHP 4.3.0+ or PHP 5+.
-The code for yuidoc is provided under a BSD license:
+The code for YUI phploader is provided under a BSD license:
Project home page:
Source code:
Issue tracker:
@@ -33,33 +32,19 @@ CHANGES
Installation instructions
- Supported tags
Open source license details.
- The comment block parser. Parses all javascript files in the the specified
- directories and outputs a single file containing a json structure of the
- parsed documentation.
- Colorizes the script source
- Reads the json output from and generates HTML docs.
- Wrapper for yuidoc_parse, yuidoc_highlight, and yuidoc_generate
- An example shell script to run both the parser and generator on a src tree
- An example batch for for DOS/Windows
+ Contains the YUI module dependency metadata. The latest version is
+ shipped with each release, but you can manually add additional version.
- External required packages, provided for convenience
+ The main YUI PHP Loader class file
+ Local lightweight combo handling service that will allow PHP Loader to
+ combine files without relying on a remote combo-service.
+ Contains a number of tests and example loader scripts
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