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Fix JSHint error on help.js by reducing length of --no-assets flag de…

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1 parent d67602b commit 46032afa77e335ab6da72604254be9b7fa4a78d8 @unkillbob unkillbob committed Apr 18, 2013
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@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ if ( {
console.log(' --no-global-config Do not search for a .shifter.json file up the working path');
console.log(' --cssproc <base url> Use the cssproc tool to create absolute URLs for CSS assets (combohander)');
console.log(' --yui-module [file] Specify a raw yui module file to be built. The file should contain a `YUI.add()` statement.');
- console.log(' --no-assets Do not build skins or copy across assets folders (e.g. if externally managing skin building via CSS preprocessor)');
+ console.log(' --no-assets Do not build skins or copy assets folders (e.g. if externally building skin via CSS preprocessor)');
console.log('CLI Replacers:');
console.log(' You can pass --replace-??=?? and shifter will attempt to replace these strings during the build');
console.log(' You MUST use the = to tell nopt that you want to assign the value to the dynamic option.');

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