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icbmike commented Dec 17, 2012

We use yui widgets in our web apps, and we want to reskin the basic widgets. We can do that easily enough, but we want to separate our code from the YUI source.

Is it possible to add the ability to specify where to look for skins?

@ghost ghost assigned davglass Dec 17, 2012


davglass commented Dec 17, 2012

Currently shifter assumes that all module data lives under that modules directory. I don't feel that this would be a valid option since this would/could lead to all kinds of issues.

Give me an example and use case that I can work with and I will think it over.

icbmike commented Dec 17, 2012

Ok, an example:

We use the DataTable widget in probably all our web apps. We apply our own skin which is brand colored and such. We want to be able to maintain the assets for our skin separate from the YUI source that we pull from GitHub, so that there is a clean separation between our code and YUI's, and then when we build YUI it will have our skin as an option.

This could also help provide more flexibility about how we manage our skin project, for example, we'd like to use Compass to generate the CSS, and would probably want to keep the source SCSS files separate from the generated CSS files too.


davglass commented Dec 20, 2012

So if I added a --global-skin-dir=/my/global/skins/ config that would point to a directory like:


Then shifter would walk the skins in both 'src/datatable/assets/' and /my/global/skins/datatable/ and generate skins into build/datatable/assets/

Would that work?

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