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YUI3 Intl module and YRB format files #94

dmi3y opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Hi everyone.

I am trying to use Intl module and documentation promised that shifter will understand the YRB(.pres) format. Just installed shifter from npm (default version) and it did not work. Am I missing something.



Please avoid duplicating the question or, if you do, provide the same information (you are not giving here as much information as in the other place) and/or put a link to that place.


Thank you for answer, I will sync questions with stackoverflow for sure. Basically this one is newer, I was able to create lang modules from a la json but had error with YRBs. Will make more exploration tomorrow and complete both questions.


Okay after a just first debug run it turns out that shifter seems expecting only files in js/json format going to fork and make it understand YRB(.pres) as well, if it will be properly done will make pull request.
Bit surprised about derivation into documentation and real code, or possibly lack of documentation... Still exploring.


unfortunately, only .js lang files (yet with json format) are expected.


Hi Tirana, thanks, so I could go on with my modifications with calm head :)

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