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Lock the watch at 0.8.0, since 0.9.0 is not working for recursive watchi... #116

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The recursive watch is not functioning correctly with the newest watch version (currently 0.9.0).

This fix locks the version to 0.8.0 in order to guarantee its functioning.


Maybe a bit more of a bug description would be nice, so here it is :)

When running shifter with:
shifter --walk --watch --recursive

The build finds all the modules, and advertises it will watch and build them, but doesn't rebuild them when the files change. After bisecting the versions, it seems that the issue is actually caused by an upstream version change in the watch npm library. Thus the proposed fix is simply to lock the version of watch to a functional version (0.8.0), instead of always relying on the latest version.


I'm ok with locking down the version, but I will like to get to the bottom of this. As far as I can tell, there are only two important changes in watch, non of them are non-bc:


I also wonder if this is affecting yogi as well.


Ok, I wonder what's going on here. I tried to reproduce this, and I was unable to do so. Here is what I did:

  1. fresh clone of yui3 (master)
  2. npm install (where I can see the right dependencies: ── shifter@0.4.3 (progress@0.1.0, watch@0.9.0, cssproc@0.0.7, walkdir@0.0.7, gear@0.8.16, yuicompressor@2.4.7, yuitest-coverage@0.0.6, yuglify@0.1.4, gear-lib@0.8.12) )
  3. shifter --walk --watch --recursive

at this point, changing any file (e.g.: src/autocomplete/js/autocomplete-base.js) works just fine in OSX.

Can you provide more details on how to reproduce this?


I've got the same problem as you: watch is not watching, also if i downgrade version...


Hi bmustiata

using your branch it works for me too.
My configuration is a mac, so the problem seems exist also for that os.



Ok, I will pin this down, and we can investigate more later.

@caridy caridy referenced this pull request from a commit
@caridy caridy bumping version 0.4.6 for PR #116 4199a12
@caridy caridy merged commit 3c7d4e1 into yui:master

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  • shifter@0.4.6
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2  package.json
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
"yuicompressor": "2.4.7",
"yui-lint": "~0.1.1",
"jshint": "~0.9.0",
- "watch": "*",
+ "watch": "~0.8.0",
"cpr": "~0.0.6",
"mkdirp": "*",
"rimraf": "*",
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