Replace `which` calls to avoid exceptions when shifter is not installed globally. #43

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Well, this fixes it for local requires, but breaks it for global installs. Will update with a better fix.

ryanvanoss added some commits Nov 1, 2012
@ryanvanoss ryanvanoss Revert "Replace `which` commands to avoid exceptions when shifter is …
…not installed globally."

This reverts commit 7036a7803c8294b6378c7eeeb8e52b4bbe87a536.
@ryanvanoss ryanvanoss Revert "Linting."
This reverts commit 15057789dbcf57a11b5690c865297ffe42a35380.
@ryanvanoss ryanvanoss Revert "More linting..."
This reverts commit 396117283de625ff697ce380c3d1b60ab145c000.
@ryanvanoss ryanvanoss Add binPath to find local binary in case `which` throws an exception. 1b5cfc3
@davglass davglass closed this in b7614dc Dec 10, 2012
@davglass davglass reopened this Dec 10, 2012
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This shouldn't have closed from a different branch :(

Can you install shifter from the internal branch and give it a test?

npm install

This should allow for better internal usage since it won't go out of the shifter repo to find the shifter bin to execute sub builds, walks, watches, etc..


Works for me. Thanks Dav.

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Great, I'll merge this in with my local updates and get a release out in a few..

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This is in shifter@0.2.12

@davglass davglass closed this Dec 11, 2012
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