Corresponding fix of tests for yuglify pull request #17 #97

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leik commented Aug 19, 2013

Corresponding fix of tests for yuglify pull request yui/yuglify#17.

caridy commented Aug 20, 2013

Something is not right here. I see 3 files changes (all of them build results), which obviously breaks the tests.

✗ min should be same with UglifyJS 
        »   actual expected

Are you missing anything as part of the PR?

leik commented Aug 20, 2013

This is corresponding to the PR yui/yuglify#17, which you need to merge in first before you get this tests fix in.

leik commented Aug 27, 2013

Can someone please have a look at the yui/yuglify#17, thank you!

leik commented Feb 26, 2014

yui/yuglify#17 has been updated, this is to fix the yuglify tests hosted in shifter. The build is expected to fail here until yui/yuglify#17 is merged in.

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