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" Vim syntax file
" Language: YUI3
" Maintainer: Ryan Grove <>
" Last Change: <%='%B %d, %Y') %>
" This syntax file is meant to augment Yi Zhao's javascript.vim syntax. Install
" it in your ~/.vim/after/syntax/ directory so it will run after the original
" javascript.vim.
" This is a bit hacky right now, but it works. Someone who knows more about vim
" syntax files than I do should make this better.
syntax keyword javaScriptGlobalObjects Y YUI <%= classes.join(' ') %>
syntax keyword javaScriptFunction <%= functions.join(' ') %>
syntax keyword javaScriptYUI3Constant containedin=javaScriptBlock <%= constants.join(' ') %>
syntax keyword javaScriptYUI3Property containedin=javaScriptBlock <%= variables.join(' ') %>
hi link javaScriptYUI3Constant Constant
hi link javaScriptYUI3Property Identifier
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