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Remove Node.js 0.6 from Travis testing.

Travis has been having issues with testing Yeti under Node.js 0.6.
I have not been able to reproduce these problems outside of Travis.

Since these failures are likely false positives, 0.6 testing is
now removed. For now, 0.6 remains a supported runtime and I will
continue to test on 0.6 before releases and pull request merges.

The problem may be related to node-portfinder's behavior on Travis,
because failures began around 4afa448. Ref #115.
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1 parent da1d3ca commit a8c319dea5317c668de23c67a3c62ff3217d03cb @reid reid committed Nov 17, 2012
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language: node_js
- - 0.6
- 0.8

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