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Commits on Oct 12, 2012
@davglass davglass Fixed travis display of long lines 077fd61
@davglass davglass Catch 404 errors on non-existant travis builds 08e65e9
@davglass davglass Using a port number on default yeti hub 2a76849
@davglass davglass Ignore IO tests until yeti works with echoecho cfe56a8
@davglass davglass Version Update 4c87380
@davglass davglass Docs df38155
Commits on Oct 22, 2012
@davglass davglass Data is optional on post 73f20d4
@davglass davglass moved cdnWindow to util for reuse and allowed reading of build.json f…
…ile for name of module
@davglass davglass Removed console.log 7abfc90
@davglass davglass Better yogi info, allows setting if repo and path parameters 073e1d9
@davglass davglass Added * to denote extra help options 0fc0dd7
@davglass davglass Added more cdn queue functionality 98a0eb7
@davglass davglass Upgraded shifter to 0.2.0 under the hood 8e82a70
@davglass davglass Added embedSource to instrumentor for proper HTML reporting e574635
@davglass davglass Updated Istanbul Dep 12061e2
Commits on Oct 26, 2012
@davglass davglass Added getNon api call to do an unauthed get request 677d82e
@davglass davglass Fetching cdn window from the api 77e6455
@davglass davglass Added ./coverage to igrnore file 167c304
@davglass davglass Added istanbul coverage to remind me how much this is untested so far 914e276
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
@davglass davglass Added --init, --path, --type and --yes 7577cc2
@davglass davglass Moved history to its own command 0da3baf
@davglass davglass Added --set-repo, --set-path for converting module 0b56e48
@davglass davglass Added pending items to mine cmd e76ef67
@davglass davglass Updated timer bae6e7b
@davglass davglass Added util.tree() shortcut for tree creation 8885a2c
@davglass davglass Added create cmd to create a module eeccad6
@davglass davglass Added findit and treeify deps for create 46d7606
@davglass davglass Removed extra console.log e20b089
@davglass davglass create command now works in both gallery and yui repos 58d658b
@davglass davglass Use shortpath config option when creating 1cca6ba
Commits on Nov 06, 2012
@davglass davglass Show cdn logs f3582fa
@davglass davglass Added precommit hook d333f3b
@davglass davglass Updated echoecho dep 1336f1d
@davglass davglass Precommit linting AND testing.. 5d6dfa1
@davglass davglass Added simple yogi search (to be replaced later) 9193d6d
@davglass davglass Added yuidoc --lint support to yogi lint 665ddac
@davglass davglass CDN command tweaks 2b16dbb
Commits on Nov 08, 2012
@davglass davglass Added merge info to pull info 8fda79c
@davglass davglass Moved to timethat module 36c2cf5
@davglass davglass Updated dependencies 2c78a85
@davglass davglass Added loader cmd for meta-generation 47279bd
@davglass davglass Fixed lint issue with args 2cd7bc2
@davglass davglass Converted over to using git-travis lib 19c1d0c
@davglass davglass Make sure we have the latest git-travis dep 42c23d6
@davglass davglass Make sure we have the latest git-travis dep ef9c480
@davglass davglass Removed devel flag from update command 92c4412
@davglass davglass Removed unneeded require of config 7bbf2a6
@davglass davglass Authed api calls set nocache cookie for rest updates 4411b26
@davglass davglass Fixed parse error if a property is not on the data object 759a9fb
Commits on Nov 09, 2012
@davglass davglass logs fix for empty tests object a3b91aa
@davglass davglass Fixed circular yui deps bc51c0a
@davglass davglass Removed warning and fixed --version call to not print header d67aa1f
@davglass davglass Support yogi command --help 96070d8
@davglass davglass Fixed some --help output issues edafe4f
@davglass davglass Removed requirement that yogi mine needs to be executed in the galler…
…y repo
@davglass davglass Docs Updates c42a95e
@davglass davglass Version Bump 06d38bf
@davglass davglass Docs bc495c1
@davglass davglass Added some more cdn commands b101c9b
@davglass davglass Fixed gallery- and gallerycss- prefixes on create e54f4e8
Commits on Nov 10, 2012
@davglass davglass Added yogi init command 3bd76b8
@davglass davglass Fixes #4 - added --force to cdn request to force a request even with …
…a dirty root
Commits on Nov 13, 2012
@davglass davglass Fixes #5 - Changed bad css default name from -base to -core 9cc5111
@davglass davglass Fixes #7 - Fixed default seed path in yogi/selleck config 0df4318
@davglass davglass Version Bump 461ec70
@davglass davglass Doc d172dc4
@davglass davglass Fixed issue with streaming binary data from yogi serve 71622eb
@davglass davglass Fixed echoing tokens on set 89704db
@davglass davglass Version Bump cbc6c65
@davglass davglass Docs d717013
Commits on Nov 14, 2012
@davglass davglass Fixed bad debug log 423ba4d
@davglass davglass Fixed exporting of init command 6b4d7d1
@davglass davglass Version Bump 552e7cd
@davglass davglass Docs 337cf3b
Commits on Nov 20, 2012
Ben Fixed issue #8 - yogi on windows errors out
Cannot execute batch files with child_process.spawn due to issue in ChildProcess implementation on Windows. See nodejs/node-v0.x-archive#2318 for more discussion.

Easiest workaround this issue is provided by win-spawn package which fixes this problem by starting the process via a shell.
Ben Extended fix for issue #8 to other places within yogi where necessary. 20f64c1
Commits on Nov 26, 2012
@davglass davglass Fixes #15 b46dc95
@davglass davglass Fixes #12 - Removed bail on no GH creds for init 38489d2
@davglass davglass Merge branch 'master' of git:// into windows 0ecb51c
@davglass davglass Fixes #16 - yogi test works on windows with latest grover patch 839ffa1
@davglass davglass Version Bump 082bc68
@davglass davglass Docs 0311d1a
@davglass davglass Fixes #14 - Added config options list 3b9c2d5
@davglass davglass Version Bump a8d4e5a
@davglass davglass Lint fix 2d44d34
@davglass davglass Docs 0cc6b4b
Commits on Nov 28, 2012
@davglass davglass Removed filtered IO from tests 0a9b978
Commits on Dec 03, 2012
@sazzer sazzer Fixed an issue where the option parser would parse a value for "--jso…
…n" as a boolean True instead of as a path, making it impossible to actually provide a json path to the "yogi loader" command line call.
@sazzer sazzer Another fix to the parsing of the option "json" that retains the abil…
…ity to use it as a boolean option - if no value is passed in, or if the value "true" or "false" is passed in, and if the option string "--no-json" is used - and correctly returns a path if anything other than "true" or "false" is passed in.
Commits on Dec 04, 2012
@davglass davglass Merge branch 'master' of git:// into sazzer-master bd8da3f
@davglass davglass Fixes #24 - Default charset is utf-8 e9c9186
@davglass davglass Fixes #23 - Fixed linefeeds in JSON files c3affe4
@davglass davglass Fixes #22 - Moved gallery name logic into cmds/create instead of lib/…
@davglass davglass Fixes #20 - Better wording 2dc423f
@davglass davglass Fixes #21 - Auto pull latest version from API and config YUIDoc and S…
…elleck with them
@davglass davglass Version updates 72cdd6c
@davglass davglass Fixes #28 - Added default use key to component.json dec27fa
@davglass davglass Initial commit for #25 850c9f6
@davglass davglass Fixes #26 - fetch commits from github instead of the local repo for a…
… cdn request
@davglass davglass Added sha checking to yogi info to catch errors and undeployed commits 815d7a0
@davglass davglass Fixed lint warnings 53dbb9f
@davglass davglass Reporting cdn errors better too c0f99ea
Commits on Dec 05, 2012
@davglass davglass Upgraded yogi serve command f3b827b
@davglass davglass Reverting and fixing --json issue better 0196bb3
@davglass davglass Adding support for yogi subcommands 9b21d18
@davglass davglass README update a235842
@davglass davglass Fixed merge issue 12c6c29
@davglass davglass Fixed lint errors e05f38c
@davglass davglass Version Bump 0295129
@davglass davglass Docs e7790cb
@davglass davglass Added support for shel completion c843be3
@davglass davglass More shell commands exported 5a1da25
@davglass davglass Version Bump 014f512
@davglass davglass Docs 9df8e2b
@davglass davglass Fixed issue with yogi update and meta data not being propigated. Fixes a264d93
@davglass davglass Remove config from shifter json and add it to meta 2171975
@davglass davglass Fixes #30 - Wrapped write in a try catch to catch perm errors 3f42c66
Commits on Dec 06, 2012
@davglass davglass Version Bump 30de21a
@davglass davglass Docs bcd48f7
@davglass davglass Refs #26 - Added extra check to github api call 24a7cc4
@davglass davglass Fixes #26 - Added a yogi config cdn-dirty to always allow a dirty git…
… root
Commits on Dec 07, 2012
@davglass davglass Fixed missing git repo on info ab34c1a
@davglass davglass yogi serve updates bfc5e4e
@davglass davglass added an alias to shell tab complete for yogi cdn 4719e0b
@davglass davglass More yogi loader updates 461e5e8
Commits on Dec 10, 2012
@davglass davglass Added exit code to yogi build f6c7dc2
@davglass davglass Version Bump 54d58de
@davglass davglass Docs 877faf6
@davglass davglass Fixed issue with not echoing shifter stderr on yogi build e7ad3c4
@davglass davglass Version Bump 987521e
@davglass davglass Docs a306d09
@davglass davglass Added yogi debug command to help with filing bugs 6e8a025
@davglass davglass Added yogi debug command to help with filing bugs 465c38b
@davglass davglass Support yogi build from the YUI dir with shifter --walk d9746fa
@davglass davglass Updated internal color handler and added --no-color param a1ddeca
Commits on Dec 11, 2012
@davglass davglass Using inherit on subprocess in yogi build 7f5f13d
@davglass davglass Using inherit on yogi test subprocesses too 1b6174e
@davglass davglass Added --set-hide to allow hiding of updated gallery modules 988dd2c
@davglass davglass Lint cleanup 67a3c67
@davglass davglass Fixes #33 - Allow serve, test and build to work on batches of gallery…
… modules
Commits on Dec 12, 2012
@davglass davglass Fixes #33 - Added stderr echo for Selleck to catch errors without --d…
@davglass davglass Updating to latest YUI version info 8916ba1
@davglass davglass Version Bump 1e77904
@davglass davglass Docs 9bc49cd
Commits on Dec 14, 2012
@davglass davglass Added env to grover process fork 0b7f7eb
@davglass davglass Version Bump d994f3e
@davglass davglass Dos d6f0564
Commits on Dec 18, 2012
@davglass davglass Configure port for testing 79c94b7
@davglass davglass Version Bump 7cfe5f1
@davglass davglass Docs 9f110fb
@davglass davglass Added an XDR port to yogi serve f99513a
Commits on Dec 19, 2012
@davglass davglass Fixes #38 - fixing up left over color codes 86cba4b
@davglass davglass Version Bump 01e8d23
@davglass davglass DOcs 7030805
@davglass davglass Added --phantom-bin to yogi test to passthru to grover 3f74516
@davglass davglass Support abbreviated cdn commands e1840af
@davglass davglass Fixed git origin parsing with using https urls f9c5e77
@davglass davglass Updating grover and echoecho deps 1f3d8ad
@davglass davglass Version Bump d3fab9a
@davglass davglass Docs f6e8ac0
@davglass davglass Lint fix 326b867
@davglass davglass Merge branch 'xdr' 24523b2
Commits on Dec 21, 2012
@davglass davglass Supporting grovers new --screwdriver config option b3252d5
@davglass davglass Version Bump 7c7f5b6
@davglass davglass Docs 66b4929
@davglass davglass Added more grover passthru commands 25aa130
@davglass davglass Version Bump ce9d6a4
@davglass davglass Docs b96eee6
Commits on Dec 26, 2012
@davglass davglass Fixing old colors 0fe02c2
Commits on Dec 27, 2012
@davglass davglass Version Bump 731b02a
@davglass davglass Docs 36f0bfd
@davglass davglass Fixes #39 - Should build on Windows now 864bfa1
@davglass davglass Version Bump d8936b0
@davglass davglass Docs 1a4693f
@davglass davglass Fixed issue with no commits found and throwing a JS error 22981d7
@davglass davglass Fixes #34 - Added --set-github to change the modules github owner (fo…
…r orgs)
@davglass davglass VersionBump b169d82
@davglass davglass Docs 481f3ad
Commits on Jan 03, 2013
@davglass davglass Updated echoecho version 5470a18
@davglass davglass Version Bump c75bce5
@davglass davglass Docs 83d2311
Commits on Jan 04, 2013
@davglass davglass More arguments e36aa45
@davglass davglass Added a --rebuild flag to use the Travis API to rebuild a failed build c08295f
@davglass davglass Updated dep on git-travis a4740b1
@davglass davglass Added yeti selenium grid options to yogi test 25efdfc
@davglass davglass Added help topics for test and travis b91c5a9
@davglass davglass Fixed lint c054c0d
Commits on Jan 07, 2013
@davglass davglass Added support for --dynamic-skins to work with loader subcommand 92e4315