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problem with yogi coverage giving "NaN%" - solved for me! #46

stlsmiths opened this Issue Jan 9, 2013 · 1 comment

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So I converted another old gallery module (gallery-datatable-formatters) per the "New Gallery Integration" writeup ... including yogi update. Everything went fine, apparently.

I upgraded my code, added tests, etc..

I noticed in the tests/unit/index.html (that was created by yogi update) that the following was set;

    coverage: ['datatable-formatters'],
    filter: ([?&]filter=([^&]+)/) || [])[1] || 'raw'

when I ran the test coverage report (and also with istanbul) I got the "NaN%" stuff. After awhile, I checked the instrumentation file at /build/../gallery-datatable-formatters-coverage.js and noticed it
used a different "_yuitest_coverage" setup.

So when I went back to my index.html and changed this,

coverage: ['gallery-datatable-formatters'],

It worked fine, gave proper coverage statistics.

So in my case I think yogi update incorrectly setup the tests/unit/index.html with the wrong coverage flag.

Might be a bug possibly in yogi update, not sure if it still fixes my #35, or hatch's #44 or #45

@davglass davglass closed this in 09d6a49 Jan 11, 2013
@davglass davglass was assigned Jan 11, 2013
YUI Library member

This will be fixed in the next release.

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