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Switch to UglifyJS2 #7

WhyEvenTry opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It seems UglifyJS has been pretty much abandoned by the author in favor of UglifyJS2 (, judging from the long list of untouched issues and the lack of commits in the former.

So it seems a switch to the -2 version would be called for?

You may not even need "yuglify" any longer - there is an option to keep certain comments!

"Should you switch to UglifyJs2":

YUI Library member

It's on my list to do, but it's not a high priority right now.

@davglass davglass was assigned

Would switching to UglifyJS2 give us an option to produce source maps? If so, I would vote for increasing the priority :)


Hey, any plans on switching to using uglify-js 2.x versions? I just ran into an issue where Shifter (and thus yuglify) minified the file and produced invalid js syntax. Doesn't happen with same piece of code and uglify-js 2.4.14.

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