Two new gallery modules: gallery-swfplugin and gallery-widget-fold #9

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Ry7n commented Nov 8, 2011

gallery-swfplugin is a different way to embed SWFs, plugging a SWF into a node. SWFPlugin also avoids some of the memory leak and ExpressInstall bugs of Y.SWF, and allows the original content of a node to be restored when the SWF is unplugged.

gallery-widget-fold is a plugin for Widget that allows the widget to be automatically rendered when the widget is within the specified distance from the bottom of the viewport.

Ry7n added some commits Mar 26, 2011

Adds gallery-widget-fold.
Plug in to an instance of a Widget (or any PluginHost with a srcNode
attr and a render method) to cause it to automatically render when it's
within the viewport.

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lsmith Nov 8, 2011


Gallery modules are added via the interface. See


lsmith commented Nov 8, 2011

Gallery modules are added via the interface. See

@lsmith lsmith closed this Nov 8, 2011

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