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Effects is meant to bring the concise API seen in Scriptaculous and other
animation libraries to YUI while also leveraging the great YUI 3 Anim module.


Version 0.7
Added the rest of the Scriptaculous effects, which include SwitchOff, DropOut, Squish.

(Not implemented: Shake, SlideDown, SlideUp, Grow, Shrink, Pulsate, Fold)

Version 0.6.2
Formalized the payload returned by the finish event to include the animation end event with
the key "animEnd" if the effect is not run in parallel.  If the effect was an instance of a
parallel effect, which means multiple animations were run, then the "animEnd" property of
the finish event is null.  In the future this may return an array of the end animation

Version 0.6.1
Added support for a scroll effect.

Version 0.6

Refactored events so that now you can move easily subscribe to two sets of events: setup and
finish.  The most common use case by far will be finish (in fact it may be the only important
one), but you have access to either.

Version 0.5

This is the first official version and includes basic support for all of the core
Scriptaculous effects as well as some of the more complex ones.  I plan on releasing
this as version 1.0 once all of the Scriptaculous effects have been ported over and
the documentation is complete.  Stay tuned!
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