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Contributing to YUI

The YUI Project is a two-way open-source project managed by the YUI engineering team at Yahoo!. Please read about our Contributor Model for more details.

Getting Started

(see also Developer Workflow )

Join YUILibrary.com

Create a free account on YUILibrary.com account so you can:

  • Create bugs and enhancement requests.
  • Post on the support forum.
  • Contribute modules to the Gallery.
  • Contribute documentation, examples or code to the core library. (You will also need a GitHub account and signed CLA - see below).

Join GitHub.com

Create a free account on GitHub so you can:

  • Fork the source code.
  • Contribute modules to the Gallery. (You can now use your own repo as the source.)
  • Contribute documentation, examples or code to the core library.

Submit a CLA

Sign and submit a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) so you can:

  • Have your Gallery modules hosted on the Yahoo! CDN.
  • Contribute bug fixes and enhancements to the core library.
  • Make sure you check "individual" or "company" in the CLA form.

Join YUI Contributor Mailing List

Join the mailing list so you can:

  • Discuss technical issues about your feature.
  • Contribute to ongoing discussions around YUI features.
  • Read about major pull requests and give feedback.

Fork Repo

  • Visit https://github.com/yui/yui3 and click the fork button.
  • Clone this fork down to your local PC.
  • For a specific task, create a branch on this clone and check your changes into this branch.
  • Push those changes back to your "origin" (back up to github).

Build YUI

Pull Request

  • See Making a change to YUI.
  • Issue a pull request from your special branch via github to the yui/yui3 repo.
  • Make sure your pull request is against dev-3.x or dev-master not 3.x or master.
  • dev-master is for small changes or bugfixes. dev-3.x is for bigger features or updates. (For more details see Branch Information )
  • Be sure your pull request meets the Contribution Standards.

Other Resources

Pull Request Requirements

If you are making a pull request now please take note of the following requirements that your pull request needs (from Contribution Standards, above):

  • Complete API Docs and inline code comments
  • Unit tests with 80% line coverage
  • User Guide (Components only)
  • Functional examples, written up in Selleck format and with test automation (https://github.com/yui/yui3/wiki/Selleck-Example-Tests)
  • Proper commit logs
  • Proper updates to HISTORY.md