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Update to point to using Shifter, which is a significantly easier way to build YUI components.
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1 parent 34878d2 commit 8161c0d162541ed156c2dd39d6a5a9898a7fb681 @jshirley jshirley committed Aug 29, 2012
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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ Links
* [Contributor Info](
* [Report a Bug](
* [![Build Status](](
+ * [Shifter, for building YUI](
Source Info
@@ -66,10 +67,12 @@ The YUI source tree includes the following directories:
modifications to the library and its documentation should take place in
this directory.
-The individual component directories under the `src` directory contain Ant
-build files (`build.xml` and others) which can be used to build individual
-modules using the YUI Builder. The YUI Builder is part of the "builder" project,
-also available on GitHub at <>
+The individual component directories under the `src` directory contain either
+Ant build files (`build.xml`) or the newer `build.json` file. To build YUI
+components, download and install [Shifter](
+and then simply run `shifter` in that components directory.
+Shifter also allows you to rebuild the entire YUI src tree:
+ cd yui3/src && shifter --walk
-The `README` file in the `componentbuild` directory of the Builder project
-covers the installation and use of the build tool.

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