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+Grunt Building
+Our dev and release builds are handled by [Grunt](
+First you need to install the `grunt-cli` (`npm -g install grunt-cli`)
+After cloning you can simply do an NPM install.
+`npm install`
+This will install the tools needed locally and build the library and npm package.
+ * `grunt build` Runs a `yogi` build.
+ * `grunt npm` Runs the npm build.
+ * `grunt test` Runs a `yogi test` on the entire lib.
+ * `grunt test-cli` Runs only the CLI tests.
+ * `grunt travis` Runs a custom build/test just for Travis CI.
+ * `grunt release` Runs a release build (more below)
+ * `grunt`, `grunt help`, `grunt yui` Will display build help.
+Release Build
+You can do a full YUI release build with `grunt release`.
+This command uses two CLI options (`--release-version` and `--release-build`).
+ * `--release-version` The version to stamp the files with
+ * `--release-build` The build number of this release.
+If `--release-build` is not provided, the last Git sha (short version) will be used in it's place.
+Release builds are stored under: `./releases/[VERSION]/`
+The release build consists of the following artifacts:
+ * `dist release zip` Containing source, tests, HISTORY, api docs and landing pages.
+ * `cdn release zip` Contains the build dir stamped for a CDN release (CSS files processed for relative paths)
+ * `ssl cdn release zip` Same as above only tweaked for SSL access.
+ * `npm package` The npm package designed for a simple `npm publish`
+Other Builds
+We no longer require a `Makefile` for any of our modules, they have all been converted to `grunt` builds.
+ * `cssnormalize` Under `src/cssnormalize`, `grunt` will import the source.
+ * `handlebars` Under `src/handlebars`, `grunt` will import the source.
+ * `test` Under `src/test`, `grunt` will import the source.
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