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Commits on Jun 22, 2011
  1. @allenrabinovich
  2. @rgrove
  3. @rgrove
  4. @allenrabinovich
  5. @lsmith

    Merge branch 'master' of

    lsmith authored
    Conflicts (resolved):
  6. @lsmith
  7. @reid
  8. @lsmith

    Comment out the failing tests for now.

    lsmith authored
    I'm unable to reproduce the failures reported by
    the build system locally.  We'll have to get to the
    bottom of it, but not today.
  9. @allenrabinovich
  10. @allenrabinovich
  11. @tilomitra
  12. @tripp
  13. @tripp

    Merge branch 'tripp/master'

    tripp authored
  14. Remove unused variable per JSLint.

    TSHA authored
  15. Fixed missing semi-colon errors per JSLint.

    TSHA authored
  16. @tripp

    Updated README files.

    tripp authored
  17. @tripp
  18. @tripp
  19. @tripp

    Resolved merge conflicts and removed shape-anim and shape-drag build …

    tripp authored
    …files. They were not removed with the source.
  20. @tripp

    Build files.

    tripp authored
  21. @rgrove
  22. @rgrove

    Build app.

    rgrove authored
  23. @tripp
Commits on Jun 21, 2011
  1. @tilomitra

    Merge branch 'docs'

    tilomitra authored
  2. @rgrove
  3. @tripp
  4. @tripp

    Build files.

    tripp authored
  5. @tilomitra
  6. @tripp
  7. @rgrove

    Comment tweak.

    rgrove authored
  8. @rgrove
  9. @rgrove
  10. @rgrove

    Build autocomplete.

    rgrove authored
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