IE10 - multi-touch MSevents not handled properly in YUI 3.11 #1650

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Flow with touchStart/move/end events:

touch start event --> we can do e.touches and get 2 events
touch move
touch end

This is ok. However, for IE 10, we have the gesture events that must be used (to encapsulate the MSPointer type events)

  1. 2 gesturemovestart are fired for each touch in a multi-touch event from Windows IE10 touch device
  2. 2 gesturemove events.
  3. Only 1 gestureend event.

Can we not have a similar interface as for touchstart above where we can do e.touches or e.changedtouches and get the multi-touch events?

YUI Library member

Hi! Is this a new behavior in 3.15 RC or is it something that happened in 3.14?


I'm on 3.11. Seeing it since then. Cant comment on 3.14 vs. 3.15...

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