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Errors when using YUI and browserify #1672

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When I've tried adding YUI via npm and build everything with browserify I got :

Error: module "stdio" not found from "/project/node_modules/yui/yui-nodejs/yui-nodejs.js"

After installing stdio module I was getting :

Error:  ENOENT, open 'tls' while resolving "tls" from file /project/node_modules/yui/node_modules/request/index.js

After googling and reading sources I've found that this particular error can be fixed with using browser-request instead of request module. So everything looked fine, but after building everything without errors and running my project I'm getting:

Error: process.binding is not supported

in my first file trying to incorporate YUI.

Here's my Gruntfile :
module.exports = function(grunt) {

// Project configuration.
  browserify: {
    dist: {
      files: {
        'build/app.js': ['src/app/**/*.js'],
        'build/app-ui.js': ['src/UI/*.js']
      options: {}

  'http-server': {
    dev: {
      root: 'build',

      port: 1337,
      host: "",

      cache: 0,
      showDir : true,
      autoIndex: true,
      defaultExt: "html",

      //wait or not for the process to finish
      runInBackground: false

grunt.registerTask('default', ['browserify']);
grunt.registerTask('run', ['http-server:dev']);


and packages.json :

  "devDependencies": {
    "grunt": "~0.4.2",
    "browserify": "~3.30.2",
    "grunt-browserify": "~1.3.1",
    "grunt-http-server": "0.0.4"
  "dependencies": {
    "angular": "~1.2.10",
    "yui": "~3.15.0"

Not sure if the last error is related to the previous, but any tips how to fix this appreciated.


Hmm, interesting. The issue here is that npm pkg includes yui modules that are meant to be used on the server side only, like yui-nodejs, which patches yui to run on the server side. This is a difficult problem to solve. Ideally you could exclude all the nodejs specific modules when processing them using browserify.


@siemiatj i'm running into this issue as well - did you ever find a good solution?


no, this is not feasible with the yui infrastructure, sorry.

@caridy caridy closed this
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