[Chrome] Use 'TouchEvent constructor' instead of 'TouchEvent.initTouchEvent' #1997

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YUI uses 'TouchEvent.initTouchEvent' to simulate TouchEvent.

Currently Chrome is deprecating 'TouchEvent.initTouchEvent' and will remove in M53, developers are encouraged to use 'TouchEvent constructor' when available.

A monkey-patch for Y.Event.simulate could be

var oldSimulate = Y.Event.simulate;
Y.Event.simulate = function(target, type, options) {
    if (type.indexOf("touch") == 0 && TouchEvent.length) {
        target.dispatchEvent(new TouchEvent(type, options));
    } else {
        oldSimulate(target, type, options);

Another sample for 'TouchEvent constructor' can he found here (under Developer resources).

clarle commented Dec 17, 2015

Hi @choniong,

The YUI Library is EOL and won't be taking any additional changes.

If you need any assistance with patching a YUI fork, please feel free to reach out to me at @clarler.


@clarle Is this repo under development ? Are the issues being worked upon ?

clarle commented Mar 2, 2016

Hi @AMaini503,

The YUI Library is no longer under active development, since Yahoo is no longer supporting YUI.

There's more information in the blog post below:


Let me know if you have any other questions.

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