Transitions do not work properly on Samsung Galaxy and similar devices #483

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Native transitions do not appear to work correctly on Samsung Galaxy and similar devices. The problem appears to happen because the transition lib is using CSS properties without the '-webkit' prefix in some cases on these devices.


Can you provide more detail regarding what does not appear to work correctly, and on which android version(s)?


I have seen the issue on Android 4.1.1 but only on certain devices (specifically Samsung skinned devices), I have attempted to reproduce this problem on other Android 4.1.1 devices but have not seen it. Why this problem only appears to happen on certain Samsung devices is a mystery.

I was able to track down the problem to line 72 of transition-native.js where it attempts to determine if it should use a vendor specific css prefix by checking for 'transition' in the In the case of the problem devices it guesses it does not need to use a vendor prefix (because 'transition' in DOCUMENT[DOCUMENT_ELEMENT].style evaluated to true) however later on down in the code in the _runNative method on line 324 it filters out properties that are not in the member. So what happens on these devices is that it tries to use css properties like 'tranisiton-duration' and 'transition-delay' but those properties are not available.


Thanks for the details.

I've been able to reproduce the issue on a Galaxy S3 with 4.1.1.

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This has been resolved and merged into the 3.x branch.

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