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Made _uiAddChild always append the child's bb to the parent node which fixes #2531093
Added a test for the issue.

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@andreas-karlsson could you please sign the YUI CLA?

The CLA ensures that everyone who submits a work of authorship to the YUI Library is contributing work that is their own or for which they can authoritatively speak. This protects the tens of thousands of developers who use YUI in their daily work, all of whom rely on YUI's BSD license to appropriately cover their use of the library.

The CLA does not transfer title or copyright of your contributed work to Yahoo!. It merely guarantees that you approve the use of your work within YUI and by those who use the library under the terms of its license.



Cool, the CLA is signed.


Hey Andreas, thanks for the pull request. There are a couple of small changes which I think are worth making:

a) Refactor the method to have a single return (just a readability/maintainability thing).

b) Add a check around the parentNode.appendChild(childBB). We don't want to append a child which already may be added to parentNode in it's correct position.

If you want, I'm happy to make these changes locally since they are pretty small, and give you credit for it, or if you want to send in another pull request I can pull it in.


Cool. Fixed locally, with References to this pull request.

@rgrove rgrove closed this Oct 12, 2011
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