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Fixes #2532955 - Touch events break when YUI.Charts are used #344

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stonebk Eric Ferraiuolo tripp bridges

"touchend" events were being captured and halted globally -- instead, only halt when the event originated from the chart

Original pull request: #341

fixes #2532955 4d102e3
Eric Ferraiuolo

We should add a test case which verifies that events are fired when clicks or touches happen outside the chart. That way we can protect against future regressions. I'm sure @tripp will be fine with adding the test himself (and it might be easier for him to do so.)

Once the test is in, this LGTM.

tripp bridges

Yep. I'll add the test and run the suite against all the usual suspects. Barring any issues that arise, I'll merge this fix in.

tripp bridges tripp merged commit 4d102e3 into from
tripp bridges tripp closed this
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Nov 19, 2012
fixes #2532955 4d102e3
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  1. 6  src/charts/js/ChartBase.js
6  src/charts/js/ChartBase.js
@@ -611,7 +611,11 @@ ChartBase.prototype = {
611 611
                 Y.delegate("touchend", Y.bind(this._markerEventDispatcher, this), cb, markerClassName);
612 612
                 //hide active tooltip if the chart is touched
613 613
                 Y.on("touchend", Y.bind(function(e) {
-                    e.halt(true);
+                    //only halt the event if it originated from the chart
+                    if(cb.contains(
+                    {
+                        e.halt(true);
+                    }
615 619
616 620
617 621
                         this._activeMarker = null;

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