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new Y.Buttons always render as submit buttons. That's bad. Especially for a ToggleButton inside of a form.
See this stackoverflow thread, where @juandopazo commented "Yeah, that's probably a bug."

From my change to HISTORY.md:
Added type ATTR to ButtonCore to enable Button nodes to be rendered with "type" attribute
The default type for <button> is submit, which is not always desired, especially for ToggleButton.

  • Button now supports submit (backwards-compatible default), button and reset
  • ToggleButton is always rendered with type="button"

This isn't done yet! IE 10 fails one test, and IE in compat mode fails even more.


return this.getNode().get('type') || 'submit';
makes IE 10 pass this test, but I don't understand why.

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Various issues with Button #973

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As I mentioned in #973, type="button" is the most intuitive default (imo).


I think I have tried to work with this issue before. I remember encountering an issue where IE would not allow me to change the type of a button after it was already rendered, but I was not able to get that to happen anymore today in IE8, 9, and 10.


Maybe we should make the type attr writeOnce: 'initOnly'


Hi Jeroen,

I spent some time tonight looking into this PR, and I agree with the overall approach here. Since browsers default type to submit, we should leave that as the default in core.js, but it certainly makes sense to default type to button for Toggle Buttons. The higher up we get in the button stack, the more liberty we can take with overriding default behavior to meet expectations and convinience.

I'll dig in a little deeper into this and your other reported Button issues on Monday & Tuesday. Good stuff! And thanks for your patience while I wrapped up some other work.


Maybe we should make the type attr writeOnce: 'initOnly'



Still working on this. While introducing a type ATTR could solve the problem, I'd like to start a little lower and resolve the lingering issue of not preserving the innerHTML of the button. That will give us a little clearer picture of what needs to be done here (if anything). If that were solved and the DOM node's type attribute were respected, then we might not need this workaround at all and defaulting a new Button to type=button would just be convenience sugar (possibly in Y.ButtonCore.prototype.TEMPLATE). This would also solve item 4 @ #973.

Oh, and I realized a type ATTR in Y.Button conflicts with Y.ToggleButton's type ATTR, so we'd have to address that collision. FWIW, Button is still in "beta", so breaking backwards compatibility is acceptable (though not ideal).

@derek derek added a commit to derek/yui3 that referenced this pull request Oct 10, 2013
@derek derek Defaulting button template to type=button (#973, #968) 8a2c1b7

While the patch included in this PR will certainly address the issue of default button types, I think #1296 is a more ideal fix that addresses the root issue. Let me know if you disagree and we can revisit this pull request. Thanks again for this contribution and bringing all the button issues to my attention. As a result, the last few releases have really helped improve Button's stability and quality.


Closing on behalf of @derek

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Hey @derek! I just wanted to let you know I agree with the changes to Button. Good work!


@drjayvee Thanks!

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