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DataSchema Utility

Use the DataSchema Utility to translate data in various input formats into a standard record-based structure like this:

    results: [
        { fieldA: valueA1, fieldB: valueB2, ... },
        { fieldA: valueA2, fieldB: valueB2, ... },
    meta: {
        whatever  : "you",
        configured: "to capture",

Available processors

  1. Y.DataSchema.Array - (dataschema-array) Input is an Array
  2. Y.DataSchema.JSON - (dataschema-json) Input is an Object or JSON string
  3. Y.DataSchema.XML - (dataschema-xml) Input is an XML node
  4. Y.DataSchema.Text - (dataschema-text) Input is a delimited text string

The important method for each processor is the apply(schema, data) method, so for example:

var results = Y.DataSchema.JSON.apply({ schema config }, dataObject);

See the user guide for details about schema definitions for each processor.

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